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Intro Comments: Figured I should probably make one of these. Had it since June 2014. Bought it with 20k on the clock, sits at ~110k now. I daily drive an '02 VW Golf TDI with a 2" lift now (since March '17) to keep the miles off the X. My other car is a Nissan VG30DETT 300zx TWIN TURBO ultra rare slick top (one of 3100)... The X was pretty much bone stock when I got it. OEM parts I added, fog lights (replaced by LED ones), side steps (since replaced by sliders), pro 4x rear struts (since replaced). EDIT it's amazing how far it's come along now......

update now sits @ 125k on the clock (09/01/20) UPDATE: 130k on the clock at 12/13/21 Update: 134k on the clock at 12/21/2022

Username: ZheKing

Make: Nissan
Year: 2012
Model: Xterra
Trim: S 4x4
Color: Lava Red



Maxterra Rear Bumper w/ tire carrier, rear backup lights, & jerry can holder (greased with Redline)
Hefty Aluminum Front bumper
Hefty Aluminum Gas, T-Case, Trans, Radiator, & Engine Skids
ARB Rear diff cover
White Knuckle Sliders

Arsenal Off-road 40" light bar w/ Off-road Gorilla Mounts
Morimoto LED Fog lights
HID retro fit headlights (
Complete LED lighting replacement (inter/exterior by @ZheKing )
Rear 6x6 pod won @ WENT by a sponsor

Titan 2.5 ICON extend travel coils w/ 650lb springs
Titan SPC UCA (greased with Redline in the joints)
Alcan Rear 3" 700lb spring packs
Rear Bilstein 5125s
U-Bolt flip kit
Cam bolts
Nitto Ridge Grapplers 295/75/16
SpiderTrax 1.5" spacers on rear axle.

10" Ram tablet mount w/ samsung Tab3 w/ blue tooth dongle & Torque pro app / Gaia maps
Cobra 75wx ST Cb
3' Firestik
Upgraded speakers all around (Polk Audio)
DieHard Platinum AGM Platinum Battery: 24F Group Size, 710 CCA, 885 CA, 120 Minute Reserve Capacity w/ @ZheKingdesigned battery tie down.
Pro 4x Overhead console w/ switches with 3d printed template by @Wilson06offroad
Fuse Block w/ 2 gauge wire run to battery
Kenwood head unit
Chinese wireless winch remote add on

Performance related
K&N Filter
Redline diff fluids
Royal purple 5w-30 engine oil

Off-road enhancers
SmittyBilt 9.5k winch w/ synthetic line (w/ above mentioned add on)
Rear diff breather mod
Gobi Ladder
ARB CMKA12 Onboard air
Front Runner Outfitter table mounted to my swing arm
@29erClan Zheking style drop in roof rack
Custom added Dc water pump to my water cans. (

Maxpow rear hatch struts
Navara D40 No drill hood struts
Kayak j hooks when heading to river
Yakima Sky Rise Tent on overland trailer
AlienGear Cloak Dock Holster mount system for pew pew
Southco Locking handle
FrontRunner fold out table
Added Fuse box passenger foot well direct connect to battery with 2 gauge wire.
various stickers @ 2.5 hp / sticker (scientific fact stickers add HP)
Dale Sr, Dale Jr, Chase Elliot [email protected] 5 hp per sticker (NASCAR stickers add more HP. scientific fact)

Nisstec MK84 coilovers with 1" top spacer w/ 650 lb springs
Xterra SPC UCA (greased with Redline in the joints)
Hefty steel trans skid
Shrockworks Rear diff cover
Black Widow Front Winch bumper
Raingler Cargo Net
Generic wal-mart roof rack
OEM fog lights
Stock side steps
pro4x rear shocks
Nitto Terra Grapplers
(^all above sold at extreme discounts to forum members...)
Exide AGM Battery

Waiting to install...
TB coolant line bypass

Far Future Stuff I'd Like to Do Someday...
Titan Swap w/ 3 rib M205 w/ ARB air locker (FINISHED)
M226 w/ E locker swap & ARB diff cover (FINISHED)
Regeared to something better than stock. moved to 3.73 (FINISHED)
Regear again to something better (DONE)
Put on 35's
So shocked I fnished the above..... Those were always on my 'far future off list".... WOWZERS
I'll only do the following under extreme circumstances... (of course I've said that before)
A fridge(if I ever win one at a raffle)
Dual battery setup (see above about fridge)


As it sits today

Old progress photos



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Thanks.. I see the big diff between your mount and mine is how far forward the winch is... Confident I have no room to put my solenoid up top like you did.
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Mine is some times a pain to get the controller plugged in, but it stays hidden and some what out of the elements.

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Put the front portion of the lift on tonight. Gained more than I expected. I attribute it to the fact the stock suspension had 110k miles on it and i've added the winch, bumper, and skid. definitely looks goofy with only the front done.

Driver side 33 1/4" ground to fender and 19" center wheel to fender to
37 1/2" ground to fender and 23 1/2" center wheel to fender

Passenger 33" GTF 19" WTF to 37 1/2" GTF and 23 1/2" WTF.

So pretty stoked both sides are the same now (even though before you couldn't really tell before they weren't)

Finished the rear lift. All done with that lift business for awhile. Before and after of stock to lift. the Alcan's were supposed to be 3", i got 5.... I attribute it to the fact the old springs had 110k on them, and i had a lot of weight on them (maxterra bumper, etc etc). Wishing I hadn't JUST bought new tires now... womp womp womp....

Rear before height 34 1/2" GTF, 20" WTF. After, 39" GTF, 25" WTF.

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