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hey everybody..Mass XTerra owner here...traded in my 03 Z(my baby) to get the 06 X(always liked the X's)..anyway heres what I gave up:

to get my new X

I've put 300 miles on the X..had her just a week today (the Z only had 17k)...but I like the 6sp and 265 hp of the X
I got an S
w/utility pkg
micro filter & mats
splash guards
@ $20 below invoice

anyway salutations!
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hey mike was in your neighborhood today(brockton, John Santilli Ctr, wher I bought my X) getting the reg and sticker...down in E. Freetown, next to New Bedford
Cool! Too bad you had to trade in the Z. If I had the extra cash, I'd buy that for a summer vehicle. Burnt Orange. :)
yeah sux to lose the Z...friggen babied that girl said to me "you luv'd that car soo much that I luv'd it!"...NE winters + base Z(no traction control) + I didn't want to trash the Z since my winter beater(95 jeep cherokee is dying) = trade in Z while she worth more than I owe..but like I said always like the X's... and so far the X goes pretty quick in straight line
Congrats man.
Welcome aboard :wav:

Your X will beat your Z any day of the week. (The X driver gets to pick the course though...) :geek:
Welcome onboard & Enjoy your new Xterra
Welcome and enjoy the X!
What a coincidence, I did the same thing, here's my Z that I traded in for the X. Did you get on any of the Z forums?

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