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Yota FJ Mods

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So, I have been reading the FJ Owners forum quite a bit lately. The one thing I have noticed about these things is the HUGE selection of aftermarket stuff for them. The thing has been out for 3 months and they already have miltiple selections of bumpers, multiple selection of slider, multiple selection of lifts, Wheels, rack accessesories...the list goes on.

So why it is that companies can get stuff out for the FJ that quick and we as Xterra owners have to wait years to get stuff?

Sorry for the rant...kinda makes me jealous.
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What burns my Ass is Peterson's Off Road did a write up on the FJ already and they are doing a build on one. WTF?
Just looking at the body, I ask myself how safe is that?
Look at the blind spot behind the front side window! MC
I'm still laughing about the "Needs an Aftermarket body, It's so ugly!" Post! LOL MC
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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