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Yota FJ Mods

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So, I have been reading the FJ Owners forum quite a bit lately. The one thing I have noticed about these things is the HUGE selection of aftermarket stuff for them. The thing has been out for 3 months and they already have miltiple selections of bumpers, multiple selection of slider, multiple selection of lifts, Wheels, rack accessesories...the list goes on.

So why it is that companies can get stuff out for the FJ that quick and we as Xterra owners have to wait years to get stuff?

Sorry for the rant...kinda makes me jealous.
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SE4X4 said:
Because Toyota is about the bling-bling, and bling requires money, something that is not synonymous with the frugal XTerra buyers.

Sure there are sliders and bumpers - but most of them will go on as bling on the FJ cruiser.

If I wanted to buy a vehicle as flash then it may have been an fj.

I noticed that there is quite a aftermarket for the Titan - seems that most Titan buyers are also about bling. They have money and they just want the biggest meanest truck out there.
None of this stuff is bling. It seems the FJ owners are about as crazy as the Xterra folks when it comes to wheeling.

They have steel bumpers (even ARB has one out already).
drebit said:
One of the reasons the lifts and other mods are available is because the FJ mechanicals are based on the 4th gen 4runner which came out in 2003. I know because I own a 2003 4runner. I had to wait over a year for a spacer lift to come out for the 2003 4runner.

The FJ platform is identical to the 4runner with just a shorter wheelbase. The Tacoma also uses the same platform.

Since the 4runner and Tacoma have been out a couple of years already there is a lot of stuff that will fit on the new FJ right out of the starting gate.
That makes a little more sense then.
kokopop said:
Jeep is know offering sliders, skids, winch, and bumpers for their 07 Wrangler's as part of a package.
Jeep has offered bumpers and winches for awhile now. I figured it was a matter of time before they offered a decent set of skids. I wonder if they will do a flat skid from the factory or if they fixed the TC problem in the 07's.

BTW, That FJ, they bought it from the dealer with the ARB and winch, not from Toyota. I bet you could talk a Nissan dealer in one of the heavy off-road areas to put together a package like that. Years ago it was common for dealers to build hot rods and sell them. If you have ever heard of a Yenko Chevy (mostly Camaros) that package was actualy built by a dealer.
Yeah, I was seriously shocked at how small the Jeeps are. I can almost reach the back gate from the front seat (I have no back seat in mine).
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