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Yellow07s' Yellow Short Bus Mall Crawler....

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Username: Yellow07s

Make: Nissan
Year: 2007
Model: Xterra
Trim: S 4x4
Color: Solar Yellow


Nissan Xterra Waterproof Seat Covers
Weathertech Rubber Floor Mats
Kenwood DNX571HD in-dash Nav/DVD system
Raingler RIXN Large Net
Scan gauge II
Cobra WX75ST CB Radio
Wilson 4' Flex Antenna
Fiskar's Axe

PRG 1.5 Spacer
Bilstein Adjustable Shocks
PRG AAL 1 Leaf
PRG U-Bolt Flip kit
PRG Rear Shackles
Rear Diff Breather Mod
Bilstein Rear shocks 3-5
285/75/16 General Grabber AT2's on Level 8 Guardian wheels

Black 2009+ Style Headlights
PIAA 520 ATP's on the bumper
Painted some plastics Black
Shrockworks Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier
Shrockworks Diff Skid
White Knuckle Offroad Sliders
Gobi Ranger Roof Rack
PIAA 510 ATP and SMR on Gobi Rack
Gobi Rear Ladder
Volant Cold Air Intake with AEM dry filter
Doug Thorley Shorty Headers
Dynomax Cat-Back exhaust


Day I Bought it

Kayaking on the Susquehanna River

Before the lift

After the lift and General Grabber 285's

Now Fully Armored!

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there's just something about that color..... ;)
^---- exactly. Looking good.
Very tempted to stealth my wheels! too! After I Blacktastic'd my trim, I stealthed my spare tire with Duplicolor Graphite, but it didn't look that great cause of the black trim. I've been getting an itch to restealth my spare with some black Rustoleum bed liner & see how that'd look up against it.
just remember, once you go to the dark side, there is no turning back. The only thing left thats grey on mine is the roof rack and it's driving me nuts.
same of these days I'm gonna bedline the rails
looks good.
We need our own special edition like the white ones have the storm trooper edition.
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We need our own special edition like the white ones have the storm trooper edition.
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yeah...I was thinking that myself when I saw the stormtrooper thread kick up, but can't think of a nickname for the yellow X's.

"The X Bus" ?
ooh...I like that!

"The Mellow Yellows"
alright...i'm gonna start a different thread so we don't jack this thread any further ;-)

I'll ask for ideas for the Yellow X's & then put up a poll after some ideas come in. We'll unite like the Stormtroopers are!

suggest Special Edition names for us!

</threadjack> of Special Edition names
Ha ha awesome
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Got my lift kit ready to go, Cam bolts should be here any day now....ALL Day Fab Spacers and PRG Adjustable Shackles.
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Nice! A couple inches of lift makes quite the difference. Congrats, and dont forget to toss up some pics after the lift install! :eek:ccasion5:
Uploaded new pics after the lift pg 1
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