Second Generation Nissan Xterra Forums banner now open

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Posting this info here from Dan at Nexterra. Dan has been involved in the creation of the website as well as flying out to Las Vegas and pitting the X.
Thanks, Dan.

spalind said: some of you may have noticed (or not....) the change in my signature over the past few weeks here and on XOC as we were just getting the site up and running (we are still working some of the bugs out at this point...) but is now open for business!! It will be the hub for all information, pictures, videos, products, and more related to the ONLY Xterra racing or competing in ANY series on a professional basis...Please....come on over...kick the tires...register(helps show sponsors that people are watching and interested)...let us know what you want out of the site and team (more photos? Vehicle specs? interviews?) Thanks for all your interest and support...Link here:TXR
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Awesome... more inspiration for me to spend all my cash on my truck.

Now that my X isn't my daily driver anymore, the options are limitless...

Hello California Desert, goodbye waranty.
Now that my X isn't my daily driver anymore, the options are limitless...
Aw c'mon Syn, don't lead us on like that... what'd you get and are you really thinkin about hackin up the X?

I've been searching Nissan wrecking yards for a good locking rear and I've got some other plans up my sleeve involving custom fabrication. I'm also waiting for a locking front, a really solid high-travel lift, and a cure for bad CV angles.

It's all in the works... nothing rushed. I want it done right.
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