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Year: 2005
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: "S"
Color: Super Black
Transmission: Manual 6 Speed

Our new spotter, Lincoln Q.


  • BFG 315/75/16 KM2s
  • The Original Stealth 16" S Rims - 5
  • Black OEM Steel Rims - 5
  • 1.5" Wheel Spacers (On Rear Wheels)
  • Stillen Cross Drilled Sport Rotors
  • Stillen Metal Matrix Brake Pads
  • PRG Titan UCAs - w/ 2.0 Heim Joints
  • Radflo 2.5" Extended Coilovers with 600lb Eibach Springs.
  • Alcan Leaf Packs w/ 425lb And 4"s lift
  • PRG 3" Shackles - w/ .5" - 2" of Adjustable Lift
  • Bilstein Rear Shocks
  • Bilstein 5165 Piggy-Back Rear Shocks
  • PRG Bump Stops
  • Extended Braided Front Brake Lines - PRG
  • Extended Braided Rear Brake Lines - A.C.
  • Rear Differential Breather


  • Shrockworks Front Bumper - Black
  • Shrockworks Sliders - Black
  • Shrockworks Skids Black
  • Shrockworks Rear Bumper w/ Tire Carrier - Black
  • Rocky Road Diff Guard
  • Mag-Hytec Emergency Brake Bracket for D44 Rear Diff Cover
  • Mag-Hytec Gasket Seal for Rear M226 Differential
  • Rugged Rocks Aluminum Winch Fairlead

Powertrain/Driveline Mods:

  • Rugged Rocks 4.56 Gearing Front & Rear
  • ARB M205 Front Air Locker
  • ARB M226 Rear Air Locker
  • Nisstec Rear Driveshaft with rear 1360 U-Joint (CV eliminated)
  • Dynomax Cat Back Exhaust
  • Volant CIA w/ Powercore
  • JWT Organic Clutch, Pressure Plate & Lightweight, Aluminum Flywheel
  • Precision "Super Strength" U-Joints (Front & Rear)
  • Extended Stick Shift 2"s to match A.C. 2" BL
  • Airflow Snorkel w/ Volant CIA Adapter
  • Griffin Radiator


  • Optima RedTop D34R Battery w/ Reverse Terminals
  • Gold Fitted Battery Terminal Connection
  • COBRA 29LXBT 40-Channel CB Radio w/NOAA Weather
  • Road Pro 5 Watt External CB Speaker
  • ARB - CKMA12 Air Compressor
  • 4' KW4 FireStik (Red)
  • Scan Gauge II
  • Keyless Entry
  • Aurora 20" LED Light Bar
  • PIAA 510 Xtreme White Lights (2 Driving & 2 Fogs on Roof Rack)
  • PIAA 1500 Flood Lights On Rear of Roof Rack
  • LUX LED Rock Lights in White
  • OEM Fog Lights Added
  • OTRATTW Rocker Switches with Blue Lights
  • Blue Seas 100amp Fuse Block w/ 6gauge 100amp inline fuse
  • Sylvania Silver Star White Head Lights
  • PIAA Sport Horn
  • Pinoneer AVH-X4800BS DVD Head Unit w/ BlueTooth and USB

Miscellaneous Exterior Mods:

  • Vent/Rain Shades
  • Hood Guard Bug Deflector
  • Disco Dan Custom Roof Rack (Official GPAX Version)
  • Gobi Ladder (for Shrockworks w/ Hi-Lift Mount)
  • GOBI Rear Struts
  • Xterra Badge Relocation
  • 2" A.C. Body Lift
  • Hydraulic Hood Rod Mod
  • Poison Spyder Hood Louver
  • Removed Rear Sway Bar
  • Stealth Bedlined Grill
  • FireStik Heavy Duty Spring
  • Xterra Flag (1 of a Kind)

Interior Mods

  • Superbright LED Interior Lights
  • Xterra All-Weather Floormats
  • Raingler RINX Ceiling Net
  • 3 Cell MagLite Mounted to Rear Cargo Area
  • 2 Cell MagLite Mounted to Center Console
  • 1 Cell MagLite Mounted to Driver's Door
  • Kidde Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
  • Rear "Rex Rug" Carpet Mod
  • Olympic Mountaineer Rear Storage Rack
  • Nalgene 32oz Water Bottle
  • ARB - Compressor Hose Kit

Recovery/Survival Gear

  • Warn XD9000i Winch
  • Viking Synthetic Winchline
  • Viking Winchline Hook
  • Warn Wireless Winch Controller
  • 4 - Crosby 3/4" Shackles - Red
  • 4 - 3/4" Shackles - Silver
  • 48" Hi-Lift (Red & Black)
  • Hi-Lift Off-Road Base
  • Hi-Lift Lift Mate
  • Staun Tire Deflators
  • ARB Tire Deflator
  • ARB 1,200kG Snatch Strap
  • ARB Tree-Saver Strap
  • 2 - Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kits
  • Survival Gear (Tent, Blanket, MRE Packets, Flares, etc.)
  • 3 - Gerry Cans: 2 Gas, 1 Water (Black & Red)
  • SuperFlow MV-50 Portable Air Compressor
  • Powertank 10lb Portable C02 System

"This truck is my hobby, my passion, my film production vehicle and my mobile office."

100,000 Miles and still going strong!

Titan Suspension - Installed 4/3/2011

Rugged Rocks Gear Swap - Installed 6/7/2011

ARB Rear Air Locker Installed 6/7/2011

35" BFG KM2s Mounted

NeXterra KiXx Run 2010 - Rausch Creek - Yellow Jacket Trail

Campana Invitational Snow Run 2009

August 2008 Truck of the Month ("Dry River" Water Crossing at GWNF in VA)

ECXC 2012

Disco Dan Roof Rack Installed!

Gobi Ladder

Rear Bumper Re-Powder Coated Black

1.5" Wheel Spacers

Griffin Radiator

PIAA Roof Lights

All Lights On

OTRATTW Switches

Rex Rug Rear Carpet Mod[/B]

Olympic Mountaineer Rear Rack

Loaded For Off-Roading

Powertank Mounted

Rocky Road Rear Diff Guard for M226 Rear Axle

Alcan Full Pack Leaf Springs

Warn XD9000i Winch w/ Viking Synthetic Line and Rugged Rocks Fairlead

Stillen Rotors and Metal Matrix Pads on All 4 Corners

Grill Mod 2.0

Firestik CB Mount

Optima RedTop D34R Dry Cell Battery

PIAA Sport Horn

Hood Rod Mod

Volant CIA w/ Powercore

JWT Clutch, Pressure Plate, and Flywheel

Nisstec Custom Rear Driveshaft

MagLite Mounts:

Center Console

Driver's Door

Rear Cargo Area

CB Radio Mount

Pioneer Head Unit

Airflow Snorkel w/ Volant CIA Adapter

ARB Compressor

Recovery Gear

If you're not having fun, then you're not doing it right.


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njsolar said:
how are the stealth wheels holding up? any fading
They are holding up incredibly well. I didn't expect them to take the winter and off roading so well.

I actually have a photo I took of one just 3 weeks ago to show how it's "holding up."

I think it looks pretty damn good after 6 months!

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Creek said:
whoa STILL don't have 4wd??????
Nope, I can't afford to get it fixed since Nissan screwed me on my extended warranty. I don't have much choice but to wait till I can afford it. If anyone has a better suggestion I am all ears.

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How bout buying a used R180 front diff from someone who did a Titan swap. I know your replacing crap with crap but at least youll be able to wheel in 4 wheel dive. There have been quite a few peeps now that have done Titan swaps so try asking around here or the fronty boards. Or just titan swap it once the funds roll through.

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What's the approximate cost on the Titan Swap. Greg from PRG wants me to Titan Swap too. He said he was willing to find me the parts and help me out.

I am already planning to buy a used or new front diff in May if nothing else presents itself.

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Im not sure on the Approx cost, but I think it would only make sense to upgrade to the Titan front Diff. I say definitely have Greg find you the stuff to do it!

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Check out OregonX's build in the projects forum. I think he sourced a few of his parts from the junkyard and the others from PRG. Hell id ask him if hes selling his old R180 if you wanted a cheap way out. You never know. But yeah the Titan swap is definitely the way to go. Your killing two birds with one stone on that one.

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DBAX said:
One of my favorite Gen2 X', great buildup!
Thanks, have been working hard to keep it a clean build and want to keep improving its ability.

Also, I am researching the Titan Swap and will update whether or not I'll do it.
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