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Xterra Achievement Points! (Latest Update 08/03/15)

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This is a game I've played on a few gaming forums back in the day. The idea is to come up with Xbox-style "Achievements" for various X-related things. Some are dubious, some are awesome. All will be in good fun.

DISCLAIMER: This list has been compiled for entertainment value only. Deliberately performing some of the actions below could result in harm to yourself or your vehicle, or may not be legal in your area of residence. This is mainly a text game, not a real-world game though it is heavily influenced by the exploits of its contributors. Winners don't do drugs.

  • Except where otherwise noted, each Achievement can only be achieved once. If you have a question as to whether or not you qualify, simply ask.
  • Anyone may submit an Achievement for review. If selected, the submitted Achievement may be modified to allow for greater probability of occurrence. Feel free to discuss each others' submissions.
  • Sub-achievements (denoted with a -) can only be granted if the parent achievement has been achieved. For example, you cannot achieve Manic Lumberjack without first achieving Treehugger.
The Achievements

  • Bite My Shiny Metal... (1 pt) Back into another vehicle while parking. Please leave a note.
  • The Unseeable Volume (5 pts) Activate low wiper fluid light
  • Rip van Winkle (7 pts) Sleep in your Xterra (by bigollurch)
  • -Traveling Circus (300 points) Live in (not out of) your Xterra for three weeks or longer (inspired by bigollurch)
  • Low Clearance (10 pts) Hit your head somewhere inside the Xterra (inspired by Dead*reckoned and tim13con)
  • MC Hammer (10 pts) Develop rear suspension sag
  • Old Yeller (10pts) Develop SMOD
  • And Going And Going And Gone (20 pts) Deplete primary vehicle battery
  • -And the Band Played On (20 pts) While using stereo
  • -Icarus (20 pts) By leaving lights on
  • Whambulance (10 pts) Get towed from a vehicular accident.
  • WAAAAAAAAmbulance (-10 pts) Get towed for a parking infraction (stacks).
  • Brand Loyalty 1 (20 points) Own more than one 2nd gen Xterra (stacks)
  • -Legacy (40 points) Upgrade from a 1st gen Xterra (stacks)
  • Genius Grant (40 pts) Have a mod named after you
  • Defibrillator (50 pts) Jump-start ten different vehicles
  • Owned! (50 points) Pay off your Xterra
  • Long Haul (50 points) Reach 100,000 miles (inspired by Loki512)
  • ...That The Man Shot Out (50 pts) Have your windows broken as collateral damage to a crime in progress (cannot be a suspect or perpetrator).
  • Wide Load (50 pts) Tow over capacity (inspired by ryandavenport and Loki512)
  • Liability Liaison (100 pts) File ten insurance claims on your Xterra
  • You Don't Get a Medal for That (500 pts) Earn 10 On the Trails and Carnage achievements in a single day. Cannot stack on top of previous On the Trails and Carnage achievements.
  • Full Spectrum Warrior (1000 pts) Drive a second-generation (2005-2012) Xterra of every available color
  • You Think I Have a God Complex? (5000 pts) Break a Guinness World Record with an Xterra. Must be certified.
  • -I am God! (5000 pts) Break your previous record (stacks)
  • Life Imitates Art (100,000 pts) Reenact everything from the Hellcat Ad
  • Flytrap (5 pts) Add over thirty stickers (individual letters in a line of text do not count towards total, nor do registration stickers or parking passes)
  • Sneaky (5 pts) Stealthed rims, plastics, rails, or bumpers
  • -Black Ops (10 pts) Stealthed rims AND plastics or bumpers
  • -Stealth Fighter (20 pts) Stealthed bumpers, wheels, plastics, rocker panels, accessories
  • -The Dark Knight (1000 pts) Stealth entire vehicle. No factory paint may show.
  • BDUV (10 pts) Add camouflage accessories (inspired by piratex)
  • Beast With Two Backs (10 pts) Add a roof basket to the existing roof rack.
  • Bought Some Rubbers (10 pts) Fit 33" tires or larger. (by Alpine X)
  • Snow Blind (10 pts) "White out" a white Xterra (bumpers and body accessories are qualifiers). Does not count towards stealth achievement stacks. (by Xybergeek)
  • TactiCool (15 points) Add "tactical" gear to your Xterra. Flashlights, tools, and firearms by themselves do not qualify. (inspired by MTBXjunkie)
  • -Armory (30 points) Add permanent/semi-permanent firearms stowage.
  • Tesla (15 pts) Create an electical issue
  • Brand Loyalty 2 (20 pts) Full armor (bumpers, skids, sliders) from a single manufacturer
  • Let There Be Light (20 pts) One lighting upgrade. May include: LED interior lights, dashboard LED swap, at least two additional fog/driving lights (OEM fogs count on lower-trim Xterras), HID retrofit. Lights may face any direction. Portable lighting does not count. Does not stack.
  • -Nissan Patrol (15 pts) Add emergency vehicle lighting (where legal)
  • -Prometheus (25 pts) LED light bar (Does not stack)
  • Mutt (20 pts) Full set of mixed armor (bumpers, skids, sliders). Must have complete set.
  • Shields Up! (20 pts) Acquire aftermarket steel bumpers
  • Holy (30 pts) Add a snorkel (inspired by rook)
  • -HVAC Hero (60 pts) Achieve Holy with a CAI and muffler mod (inspired by rook)
  • Swiss Cheese (30 pts) Drill five or more holes in your Xterra (inspired by rook)
  • Lose Your Head (40 pts) Install new headers (inspired by Ripper)
  • We Have the Technology (50 pts) Swap in a new transmission (does not stack).
  • -What's a Tuba For?(100 pts) Upgrade a 4x2 transmission to a 4x4 transmission in the same Xterra (inspired by deadpilot)
On the Trails
  • Everest (5 pts) Get high-centered
  • High and Mighty (15 pts) Achieve Everest with lift and large tires
  • David (10 pts) Lead a trail in a stock Xterra
  • Transform and Roll Out (10 pts) Lead a trail in a modified Xterra
  • Tripod (10 pts) Achieve a three-wheeling stance
  • Band of Brothers (20 pts) Recover a Nissan vehicle (inspired by Xybergeek)
  • Cold Shoulder (20 pts) Get hung up on a snow bank
  • Cheese Run (20 pts) Chase a spare tire down an incline
  • FJ Loser (20pts) Recover any Toyota FJ model (does not stack).
  • I've Fallen (20 pts) Get stuck
  • -...and I Can't Get Up (30 pts) Achieve I've Fallen needing recovery from another vehicle
  • --Walk of Shame (-10 pts) Get recovered by a Jeep (stacks)
  • Taco Tuesday (20 pts) Recover a Toyota Tacoma (does not stack)
  • I Am Rubber (30 pts) Bounce your Xterra's front end in the air. Both front wheels must leave the ground.
  • -You Are Glue (30 pts) Cause damage to another vehicle by achieving I Am Rubber
  • -Pogo (50 pts) Bounce your entire Xterra. All four wheels must leave the ground.
  • Good Two Go (40 pts) Wheel an entire trail in 4x2 without being recovered (inspired by Blain)
  • Ninja Hauler (50 pts) Offroad in an Xterra with a stealth achievement
  • Nissan Space Program (80 pts) Climb at a 35 degree vertical angle or steeper
  • Ninja Holler (90 pts) Spot for an Xterra Ninja
  • Up a Creek (90 pts) Run out of spare tires
  • Skywalker (100 pts) Get air
  • I Think I Can (200 pts) Complete a Red trail (or harder) in a stock Xterra.
  • Peter Pan (200 pts) Complete a trail using only one hand to operate your Xterra. At no point may your other hand touch the steering wheel, shifter, pedals, or any switch related to the drivetrain.
  • -Captain Hook (100 pts) Achieve Peter Pan with a manual transmission
  • -Herman Larson (100 pts) Never touch any control inside your Xterra using your other hand during a trail run. Includes all door controls.
  • Knievel (1000 pts) Drive on two wheels only for at least five seconds.
  • Bloody Mary (2000 pts) Run an entire trail in reverse gear.
  • Skidmark (5 pts) Scratch a skid plate down to the steel
  • New Shorts (30 pts) Scratch all skid plates down to steel in one pass
  • Arête'd Development (10 pts) Scrape a rock (Inspired by 11Pro4X)
  • Gold Digger (20 pts) Contact 10 or more rock formations in a single trail (tire contact does not count)
  • Cushion (10 pts) Hit at least one OEM step rail on an obstacle
  • -Ignoble Sacrifice (10 pts) Damage at least one OEM step rail
  • --Pyrrhus (20 pts) Accumulate body damage as a direct result of OEM step rail damage
  • QWOP (10 pts) Go into limp mode
  • -Pop Goes the Weasel (20 pts) Blow front differential
  • -Front Wheel Drive (50 pts) Blow rear differential
  • -Scale Model (100 pts) Blow both differentials simultaneously
  • Treehugger (10 pts) Acquire body damage from a tree
  • -Manic Lumberjack (20 pts) Contact five or more trees in a single run
  • We Will Fight in the Shade (10 pts) Damage a light
  • Can You Hear Me Now? (20 pts) Damage your CB antenna on a trail
  • Have a Nice Trip! (20 pts) Drop your Xterra off a hi-lift jack (from Hoagie27)
  • -See you Next Fall! (40 pts) Cause damage to your Xterra in the drop (from Chris924, bigollurch)
  • Teabagger (20 pts) Drop both frame rails on top of an obstacle. Slider rails do not count, but slider mounts do.
  • Nosebleed (30 pts) Damage a fluid line (does not stack) (inspired by bigollurch)
  • VQH2O (40 pts) Hydrolock your Xterra
  • -Yellow Submarine (5 pts) Achieve VQH2O in a yellow Xterra
  • Rook'd It (70 pts) Use a fire extinguisher on (or in) your vehicle
  • Welcome to the Jungle (1 pt) Survive the thenewx Blackout of 2012. Must be registered and have posted on thenewx before April 24, 2012.
  • Apocalypse Then (5 pts) Survive three or more forum blackouts.
  • Here's My Card (5 pts) Inspire an Xterra owner to join an Xterra forum. Does not stack.
  • Atlantean (50 pts) Participate in East Coast Xterra Challenge
  • The Triple Crown (300 pts) Participate in ECXC, GONEMoab, and WENT
  • Escape Pod (5 pts) Find the backup forum.
  • -Zur-En-Arrh (5 pts) Register and post on the backup forum.
  • Far Gone (50 pts) Participate in GONEMoab (by MadMike)
  • The Ties That Bind (20 pts) Spot a 2000-2001, 2002-2004, 2005-2008, and 2009-2012 Xterra (including your own) within five minutes on an active road. Does not count at Xterra club events.
  • -Paint is Thicker than Water (10 pts) Spot the above Xterras in the same (or similar) color.
  • -Family Tree (100 pts)Park in a situation where all of the above Xterras are adjancent to at least one other. CANNOT be pre-arranged.
  • Country Roads (50 pts each) Travel to the Nissan plants at Smyrna, Tennessee or Canton, Mississippi
  • Man Of The People (40 pts) - Wheel with XterraPA
  • Overlord Will Handle (50 pts) Get saved by Hoagie
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So far I'm at 105.
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i have no points but this is genius. love it
Oh come on u must have at least some points
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Oh come on u must have at least some points
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lol.. that would negative.. i have none of these points.. Can we add part of the cool kids club - drive an Xterra - 1 point
I'm only at 23 on my own list.

Let's see what you guys got! I'd love to see an achievement for each X color.
this is great! "have an achievment award named after you" - 40 points! bahahaha
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Green x's blending into the enviroment points, no one can tell where your parked points lol
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im at 300 or 400 points so far...and more of you count the blow both diffs as me blowing my front ds, smashing my door in, and blowing my rear diff at the same time! haha
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OP updated with an achievement inspired by piratex:

Active Camo (2 pts) Take a green or granite Xterra offroad
can we claim an award more than once? if so I am a few points higher
what about his one??? "Its getting hot in here!" cut holes in your hood in some way or the other (scoop, louvers,ect.) 30 pts
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i would imagine you can only claim an award once. :)
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No rules yet, but most game achievements can only be won once. Some might stack on top of another achievement (like Yellow Submarine) or simply stack by themselves (Walk of Shame).
"let there be light!" hid retrofit something in your rig. 10pts
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35 for me. not bad for the truck that has no major trails mods lol
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