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Username: Xorro

Make: Nissan
Year: 2008
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off-Road
Color: Night Armor

My Mods so far:

Powertrain & Driveline:
Volant CAI
PRG 3-deg rear axle/driveline shims
rear diff. breather
Intake manifold spacer from COfronty group buy. (12/18/2011)

outside air temp sensor

outside air temp gauge
Raingler nets
CB ( Uniden Pro 520 XL , mounted in front of AT shift lever on the center console.)
Handheld CB (Cobra roadtrip. For outside the rig use, like spotting, etc.)

White Knuckle sliders
Shrockworks skids, rear diff cover, front bumper
Recon winch in front bumper
maXTERRA rear bumper/tire carrier with CB antenna('s) mounted. (2ft or 4ft, depending on need & trail.)
Locking roof basket
Raingler nets
some stickers

Suspension, Brakes, Tires and Wheels:
Current lift, ground to fender, is 37-3/8"(@3.5") front, 38" (@4") rear
PRG advanced 4WD lift:
--> Front: UCA's, Radflo 2.0 front coil-overs (Eibach spring 252733 # 1200.250.0600.0S)
--> Rear: Radflo 2.0 shocks, PRG adjustable shackels (on lowest setting), 3" lift, + 400 lb Alcans installed 9-3-2012 :)
PRG rear axle shims (3-deg)
PRG front alignment cams & bolts
PRG SST brake lines (front & rear)
Old tires: Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac 33" (LT285/75R/16E) Had about 31k miles on them. Not worn out but tread depth was inadequate for off-road use.
New tires: Mickey Thompson BAJA MTZ radial 33" (LT285/75/R16 E) Installed 4/16/2015
stock 6-spoke OR rims
"Melt Mod"

Future mods. / Wish List:
external jerrycan storage


Slickrock ANP Moab:

Tower Arch ANP Moab:

White Rim Road CLNP Moab:

Near Moab:

Dead Horse Point Moab:

Looking east to Moab:

White Rim Road CLNP Moab:

Elephant Hill CLNP Moab:

Hurrah Pass Moab:

Mod pix as of 02/09/2010:

Right side:

Left side:

Front lift (37-3/8") & GY Duratracs:

Rear lift (38") & GY Duratracs:


Rear Diff. Cover:

Mod pix as of 06/07/2010:

maXTERRA rear bumper/tire carrier:

Shrockworks front bumper:

New pix from 2010:

Atop Red Cone:

Near McAllister Pass:

Mosquito Pass:

New pix from 2011 & 2012:

Hell's Revenge goneMOABX:

Flat tire on Elephant Hill goneMOABX:

Fins and Things goneMOABX:

Seven Mile Rim goneMOABX:

Somewhere on Longwater Gulch:

Sante Fe Peak:

Atop Radical Hill looking North:

Atop Yankee Hill:

Seven Mile Creek:

Tincup Pass:

Hancock Pass:

Mods in 2012

Sittin' on 33's (LT285/75/R16E):

Close up:

Another angle:

Clearing the plastic endcap thingy (after some minor sheetmetal work under the cap followed by some melt-mod enhancements:

A bit closer:

New Alcan rear leaf springs installed 9/3/2012. :)

So it begins...

Before. 37-1/2" right side.

Before. 37-3/8" left side.

U-bolts & drill to open up holes in spring plate.

In progress...

Stock leaf springs over 3" lift Alcans.

After. 38-11/16" right side.

After. 38-5/8" left side.

Right side:

Left side:

Overall view:

That's All For Now, Folks!

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I know, I know, I know :violent1: :violent1: :violent1:

We just got a nice snowfall here. I'll try to go bury it in a snowdrift & take pix of that in the next day or two! :geek:

If you use your imagination, what does my signature look like...:idea1:

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Um, hmm, well, (blushing here...) that would be my Hi-Lift jack. I got it about a week before leaving for Moab & didn't come up with a better place to mount it. So I used tie-down straps & lashed it to the brush guard. Also, my pix don't show it (too ashamed...) but I also had a couple of 2.5 gallon plastic gas cans lashed on the upper area of the brush guard as well. It looked kinda' hokey but worked out quite well for our 100 mile trek around the White Rim Road (with family aboard) stock.

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nice pics. Man, you been busy and we gotta talk.
Thanks. Maybe at the next M&G? Or sooner? PM me.
I still need to get some pix of the underside...a vast blue ocean of Shrock steel! :iconbiggrin: I have a MAXterra bumper on the way to. Just heard from him today...I'm 1st on the '10 list. Woo Hoo! :cheers:

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nice X! got any pics showing the lift? It seems like you dont have the lift in most of the pics and the ones you do have it with are in the snow bank so its hard to tell.
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