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XM Roady xt ?

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Does anybody have this accessory from Nissan, my question is it hardwired in or fm modulated?

I have a pioneer system with xm radio currently in my Cr-v and was just going to sell it with the vehicle when I trade it in, however if the xm isnt hardwired I will be taking my old system out.

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The XM is Hardwired. The receiver is hiden and you never know is there, integration is seamless. how ever many of the features of other XM units are missing so there is some trade off. but quality is excelent
I was looking at the US version of the x and the CND version, the US is a factory installed system and the CND is a add on aftermarket type setup, I hope it changes for 07 for CND vehicals, I dont want to install a whole system again.
if you get the rockford HU you can buy the receiver to go with it and install it or just get the crapy radio and buy an aftermarket one
I may be misunderstanding the question, Canadian VS US But here in US a Roady XT is latest version of a Roady 2 and it is a stand alone XM radio that can be hard wired or FM transmitted wholly depending on what you are playing it through and it's capabilities. But if you get to looking at it, it sits in a tray and wires come out of that tray, Power, Ant. and Audio out.
If it is a Roady XT, it can play anywhere you put it. MC
We dont have a factory installed option for the sat radio yet, before I posted I didnt know that US is a option for factory installed. All you can get is the Roady xt up here( as far as I know) What I want is sat radio able to be controlled through the deck, not through a seperate unit.
As far as I know the only way to control your XM through the main console is to have the RF package AND the XM add-on. The Roady XT and every other add on will modulate an FM signal or use some kind of cassette.

I have XM on my X and I am not happy with it. If you have the RF package I can sell you my XM receiver for low $$. Well the other thing is that you are in Canada and by the time you pay shipping you end up paying for a new unit.

If you have the OE radio setup you may try the Roady XT and see how you like it. I don't think you'll loose much quality using the FM modulator since the OE system is quite crappy AND the XM signal doesn't have that much bandwith to begin with (they claim CD quality but there's no way its better than a 96kbps mp3 file).
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