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Username: ASJ

So I've been wanting an Xterra for roughly 10 years now. I went through my lowered "fast" car phase (it was a civic and I was young...forgive me lol), and then got a manual which I would have loved had it not been a Mazda 3 that burned more oil than an STI (still a decent car just wasn't me). My wife and I try to be as adventurous and active as possible. So the Xterra definitely fits the exploring lifestyle we want. Still saving for more modifications, upgraded armor, front and rear bumpers, snorkel, and anything else I can dream up. So the mod list isn't as long as I would like but its a work in progress. Xiomarra (yes the name is technically misspelled) I picked because well, it starts with an X, and I'm going for a decently aggressive style while keeping it a daily. Seeing how the name means Ready For Battle which I thought it was fitting. I think I'm going to work on filming and taking more pictures and documenting adventures again as well. I used to do that and post videos all the time of previous adventures and builds and what not. Well anyway that's enough of my initial ramble.

Xterra's Nickname: Xiomarra

Make: Nissan
Year: 2005
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off Road
Color: Silver

  • 40" Light Bar
  • Rear Off-Road Lights
  • Tyger side steps
  • Rear Diff Cover (PRG)
  • Diff Breather
  • KoyoRad A2807
  • Mounted shovel and an axe on back hitch
  • Custom Headliner (still a work in progress)
  • Falken Wildpeak AT3's (LOVE THESE)

Seeing that the X was high miles (190k) when I first got it the first thing I did was clean it thoroughly inside and out. Replaced belts, drained, flushed, and refilled oil, coolant, fluids. Removed the 10 pounds of dog hair that was inside. Seemed to be the smart thing to do. This winter I plan on doing the timing belt, spark plugs, and all the gaskets that go along with that obviously. If anyone has any recommendations I'm definitely open to it. I've already learned so much from all you guys on here and its much appreciated.

I want to put in a "control center" of sorts right by the top map lights. Wiring the rear lights, the light bar, and future lights I want to get to one area. Just spending a day doing it is not what I'm looking forward to but that is probably the next thing I have to get done.

Photos: Xiomarra - @return_of_asj

The above is a link directly to my ongoing story however if that doesn't work feel free to visit and click on Xiomarra...

Brand new (to me):

Headliner: (not everyones cup of tea I know but its mine and I love it)

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Love the name and the headliner is killer! Keep up the sweet mods!

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Great looking truck and great name as well ! )) I glad Im not the only one who gives name to the trucks lol ))
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