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Username: xEDGEx

Year: 2007
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: S 4x4 Automatic
Color: Night Armor

Pro Comp 7089-6868 16x8 Wheels w/ Spline Lugs (5)
BFGoodrich 285/75R16 Mud Terrain T/A KM2 Tires (5)
Melt Mod and Fender Trim
ARB Front Bumper w/ Fog Lights (1st one in existence!)
IPF 800XSD Driving Lights w/ Covers (Clear)
Custom Grille Bolt LEDs (Amber)
Hella 4 3/4" Halogen Rock Lights (4)
Warn 9.5 XP Winch
Viking AmSteel-Blue Synthetic Line (5/16" x 100')
Viking Delrin Fairlead Rollers
TimmyBuilt Custom Rear Bumper w/ Shrockworks 3/4" Clevis Shackles
Chainsaw Custom Rear Tire Carrier w/ Southco Latch
PRG Upper Control Arms
Radflo 2.0 Coilovers w/ 750lb Eibach Springs
Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport Shocks
PRG Variable Height Shackles
PRG/Deaver AAL
PRG 3° Shims
Removed Sway Bars
Shrockworks Rock Sliders
Shrockworks Rear Differential Cover (Red)
Shrockworks Gas Tank Skid
Hefty Fabworks Engine Skid
Hefty Fabworks Transmission Skid
Hefty Fabworks Transfer Case Skid
TimmyBuilt Radiator Skid
Rear Differential Breather Extension
Koyo Radiator
Replaced Timing Chains
Replaced Fuel Sending Unit
Replaced Cam Sensor (bank 1)
Replaced Rear Hatch Struts (150#)
Flowmaster Super 44 Off Road Muffler
Volant Cold Air Intake
Amsoil Air Filter
Amsoil Oil Filter
Amsoil Fluids in Engine, Front/Rear Differentials, Transfer Case, Transmission
Timken Wheel Hubs
Napa Ultra Premium Front Brake Rotors
Napa Ultra Premium Front Brake Pads
DieHard Platinum Battery
Yakima X Tower Custom Hi-Lift Mount
Uniden 520XL CB
K40 SF300 3' Superflex Antenna
Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow Air Compressor
Garmin Nuvi 500
Scangauge II
Raingler RIXN Ceiling Net

And a whole bunch of recovery/camping/survival/repair gear not listed :)


1st weekend out

getting wet



Bethel Ridge overlooking Rimrock Lake/ Mt. Adams

new shoes

Reiter overlook

custom tire carrier

ARB - 1st one ever build for 2nd Gen Xterra

Old Man Emu's

Evans Creek

Evans Creek



Evans Creek

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I absolutely love that last pic. Its nice to see us non locked models 3 wheelin!

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thanks guys! It's funny how surprised people get when they see the Xterra climb up the "rough" stuff. There was a parking lot just below that hill seen in the pic, a bunch of Jeep guys were about to leave until they heard I was headin up.. they all stuck around to watch cause they'd "never seen an Xterra out here before".. haha

Good call Lone Wolf! I may just have to break out the old HC band sticker box and see what I can dig up ;)

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thanks man.. I'm a fan of yours as well!

It was real tempting to paint the shackles red last month when I did the lift, actually a friend was trying to talk me into it too.. but I thought "naw, PA's already done that..".

Cool thing I've noticed on this board is that I've yet to see two identically modded trucks.. everybody's got their own unique setup when it comes down to details, colors and whatnot.

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a couple of updates to the mod list (sliders, muffler, stereo).. BFG MTs are in but still waiting on the Pro Comps :/

also added a pic that I just stumbled upon from a camping trip last summer. The forest roads just kept climbing and climbing up to some awesome vantage points of Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier.

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Those KM2's definately complete that sick dark side look for you, not to mention the enhanced off road capability gained, a very nice build :rockin:
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