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The Basics
Year: 2005
Trim: SE 4wd
Color: Super Black


-Shrockworks skids
-Shrockworks Sliders
-Rear Maxterra bumper

-PRG upper Titan arms
-SAW 2.5 Coilovers
-Bilstein 5160s
-AC adjustable shackles
-Deaver full race pack

-255/75/17 BFG KM1s
-Xoskel light cage with 2 Hella Optilux 1900s

MOD Plan

On Order/ awaiting install

- Transmission temp gauge
- 2 KC Daylighters

Next steps

- Rear shock hoops and 2.5 Remote res shocks
- 5 Point harnesses
- Move battery to the rear
- Fiberglass hood
- Repair body damage

Down the road

-R180: 3.69
-M226: Trussed, 3.69 gears with Truetrac
-Racing seats
-Remove airbags
-Rear driveshaft
-Internal Beadlocks

-Long tube headers and redo exhaust
-CAI and custom tune to 93 octane
-Transmission Chip
-Torque converter

After I actually get the other stuff done

Couple pics from some of my early wheeling trips

Wheeling at Redbird with some NAXJA friends, theXterra is a little wider than a Cherokee, I didn't quite fit

Accident that Totalled the X

More pics info here

Frame repaired

Window nets installed thanks to Andy and Chris

Titan Arms on

After my first TREC race
More pics and carnage report here

Rear suspension Upgraded - Deaver pack and Bilstein 5160s
Yeah the picture sucks

Boondox Bumper - Ready for the next Race

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4,576 Posts that oem or prg ucas?

good luck. I wish i lived closer so I could come down and watch....that last one was pretty sweet.

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Got some stuff on order, lots of work before the next race:

- Race tuned SAW 2.5 Titan swap coilovers with 600lb springs and some other goodies from Greg
- Xoskel Lightcage
- NXrocks tranny skid
- Eagle eye lights
- New CSF radiator
- Glowshift Elite 10 transmission temp gauge

I'm pumped.

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cant wait to see the final setup mang. it should be an effing beast when you are done. rig is looking good!!
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