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WTB: Stock 05' OR Rear Shackles

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I am changing to the rear AAL setup and I need a set of stock shackles. I have the Daystar lift now and I am happy with it, but I would like to go rear AAL, and possibly use both the shackles and the AAL. Anyways let me know if you have a clean set with bolts available.

Thanks guys!
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Ihave one, but I am not sure that will help. I went ballistic with the grinder on the other after my whole broken leaf spring issue.
Yeah I had one good one too, until I used it to make a traction bar for my buddies Jeep!
i have two but they are currently installed on my Xterra. i might be willing to trade with you but only after i get my truck serviced so maybe in about a couple of weeks to at most a month.

that also depends on my decision to keep the xterra or not which i am now leaning heavily toward keeping it - so yeah, let me know if you want to do that.

assuming i keep the x, im putting it back up on a 2" lift, sliders, 32" A/Ts, and calling it a day. then i will offroad it mildly and use it mainly to tow my XJ.
goXJ said:
so yeah, let me know if you want to do that.
PM me when you have them available. I won't be taking my Daystar shackles off until the end of October.
What did ya do with yours Slater, may I ask?
I put Nissan Silicone on all my parts and put them in the Barn.
They only thing I am missing is the license plate light that the shrock rear bumper used. And two hacks of each inner fender well on the front! Ha haa haa.

Can't you use the Daystar shackles with that AAL? I think Muzikman has something like that, looks cool.

Slater, I'd be willing to give you my stock shackles and a few bucks in trade for the Daystar shackles. I would rather have those than the AC I currently got.

Also, you can run the shackles and AAL. I currently got the Calmini AAL and the AC shackles. It sits pretty level with the AC front coils, don't know what it would be like with the Daystar spacers.
What did ya do with yours Slater, may I ask?
I actually used my old shackles to make a traction bar for my buddies Jeep. He just did a V8 swap in his Wrangler and had horrible wheel hop problems. We got creative with the shackles, steel tube, and a few heim joints.

I don't plan on taking mine off for awhile. Probably another month or so. I just I posted a little early. I didn't know if people had them lying around or they used them up like me!
if one of the above options doesn't work, i have my stock ones also
I'll add my name to the list of people who would trade my stock ones for the Daystar's.......
Well stock ones should be easy to come by!
Hey Muzik, if you trade your stock shackles for the Daystar, I'll be happy to buy your AC's for even less money.

:cheers: :clown: :cheers: :clown: :cheers:

There's a word in Portuguese for this: Cambalache

Okay, I thought my Portuguese was pretty good... what the heck does that mean? :dontknow:
i dunno, but i'll guess. vultures?
I think that's Spanish... :geek:

I have the stock shackles off of my 05 Frontier NISMO Off Road

I have the stock shackles off of my 2005 NISSAN FRONTIER NISMO KC, I believe they are the same.

Contact me at [email protected]

Make sure subject is "SHACKLES"
I already got some. Thanks for the offers guys!
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