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Yeah, I know, another WTB skids posting.

I am looking to piece together a set of skids for the MX. Really they are the last major thing I will be doing for awhile. Lifts and everything else have been put on hold for a bit, family addition and all.

I don't really need them all at once. Heck, piece by piece would rock and save me the major $$ hit all at once.
(reason why I am looking for used instead of dropping the $750 at once with right now)

So I am looking for:
Engine Skid (installed)
T-Case Skid (installed!)
Transmission Skid
Radiator Skid (installed!)
Gas Tank Skid

Pretty much in that order. If you happen to have one laying around to get rid of and the price fits my budget, let's talk business. I am in Central Virginia, so anything in like a 100 mile radius (or more) I can drive to pick up, to avoid HUGE shipping charges.

Thanks all!

Edit At first I was all about hefty, but really either shrock or hefty to be honest. Still eyeing that full set, but in case anyone has something laying around after some spring cleaning . . .
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