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I suppose this post is for the people that have the rear tire carrier on their trucks. I'm looking for the entire stock tire carrier holder. When I put on my bodylift I accidently tossed out the tire holder due to the fact that I was going to be getting a rear tire holder in the near future. However, with some finance issue I had to take care of, I couldnt get the bumper. Still cant.... For the time being the tire has always been on top of the truck, however, I'm leaving at the end of this month for a week vacation and will be putting equipment on top where the tire is. So the tire has to go into the stock location. I know I'll have to drill a hole in my stock bumper inorder for this to work knowing I have the body lift and all.

So if anyone that isn't going to be using theirs, can I buy it off of you or have it? - will pay for shipping etc..... Please let me know.

Thanks guys.

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