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WTB: Body side moulding

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So the body siding moulding didnt come on my 05 Xterra S - and every time we go to the mall I try to park away from other cars knowing one day that I'm gonna get a door in the side :)

Just wondering if for some crazy reason someone would have a set to sell :)

I would need all four pieces.

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Are you aware that you can buy them from your local dealership?
Based on some USA pricing they shouldn't cost too much.
Ya - but for reason it more expensive... works out to be about $150.00. Still may have to go that route.

Ordering from isnt an option because of shipping ($86 US).

Is it different because you're not in the US? Shipping shows up as 10 bucks for me. I'm about to order a set as well....making sure i'm not missing something.
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