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would it look stupid.

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I was wondering how much of a rake the X would have if i put an AAL on it. I already have the coils and shackles on. Do you think it would have too much of a rake. (i am NOT going to put a spacer up front). Has anyone else done this??
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Muzikman runs this setup, but he has the full shrock bumper int he back with a 33 tire on it.

Didn't notice that much rake when I saw it.
The coils give you 2.5" of lift, and the shackles only 1.5", so the AAL + the shakcles would bring it back to it's original "balance" between front and rear.

Edited to clarify I meant AAL + Shackles. If you lift the front 2.5", why not lift the rear the same?
i think he's talking about putting shackles + AAL...which IMO is pretty cool looking everytime i've seen it, with or w/o a shrock bumper..

just make sure to extend all the lines that need extending.
I already extended everything in the rear. I guess ill have to do this then.
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