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Winter 911 Kit

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Michigan Spring sent me this for Xmas. I can think of a few people in the news in past that wish they had had it.

Coffee can survival kit for Winter Driving
You easily can equip your vehicle with essential survival gear for winter. Here's what you'll need:

A 2 or 3 pound coffee can (punch 3 holes at the top of can, equal distance apart). You'll be storing the other items inside the can.
60-inch length of twine or heavy string (cut into 3 equal pieces - used to suspend can).
3 large safety pins (tie string to safety pins and pin to car roof interior to suspend can over candle).
1 candle 2" diameter (place on lid under suspended can for melting snow).
1 pocket knife, reasonably sharp (or substitute with scissors).
3 pieces of bright cloth 2" wide x 36" long (tie to antenna or door handle).
Several packets of soup, hot chocolate, tea, bouillon cubes, etc. (mixed into melted snow to provide warmth and nutrition).
Plastic spoon.
1 small package of peanuts (provides protein) and fruit-flavored candy (orange slices, jelly beans, etc. - avoid chocolate).
1 pair of socks and 1 pair of gloves or glove liners, depending on what will fit in the can (cotton is not recommended because it provides no insulation when wet).
2 packages of book matches.
1 sun shield blanket or 2 large green or black plastic leaf bags (to reflect body heat).
1 pen light and batteries (keep separate).
2 quarters and 2 dimes for telephone calls.
When complete, place stocking cap over kit and carry in passenger compartment of car. If you have a 3 pound can, you will still have additional room for band-aids, aspirin, small radio, etc. If there is still room left, increase the quantity of any of the above items or improvise items you feel might be necessary.
Other items you may want to keep in the vehicle:

Large plastic garbage bag.
Pencil stub and paper.
Plastic whistle.
You may want to keep the survival kit in the passenger compartment in case you go into a ditch and can't get to or open the trunk.

Maybe we can Add to it or customize it for our X's? MC
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I agree with the kit suggestions. I already have most of that already in my X. I tend to keep a blanket in the back year around. A lot of those items will also fit in the First Aid kit bag too.
hattrik21 said:
These are kinda neat for those who just want to buy something instead of making a kit.
Or. . . .
I carry most of that stuff except the can, so no melting snow. If I am going out some place where it is very cold, snowing or more than a few miles hike back to a main road then I take some extra things. I like to think I am pretty well prepared. I also like to think that I have pretty good survival skills and have and know how to use a map and compass (I have taught map and compass classes). Besides, I also live in PA, if you start walking down hill you will hit a road in less than 5 miles most any place you are. :)
hattrik21 said:
These are kinda neat for those who just want to buy something instead of making a kit.
A local company, First Aid & Survival Technologies, makes a variety of emergency preparedness kits and products:

Even if you don't want to buy ready-made kits from them or anyone else, taking a look at what they include in their kits may give you ideas about what to include in your own kit. For example, maybe you want to make a conspicuancy panel
ive got a weeks worth of mres stasted in that cargo area in the back :)
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