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well, i just got my windshield replaced for the second time, and i've only owned my x since feb. i asked the glass tech what the deal was with this winshield and he said that newer cars are coming out with thiner windshields to save on weight and thus gas milage. he said that the new fj owners are having a hell of a time with their windshields breaking a much that they are crying to toyota to get them free winshield replacements. i thought that was pretty interesting.

has anyone else been experiencing weak winshields? especially the people that go OR a lot. i'm hoping it was just a bout of bad'd think that nissan would put a heftier piece of glass on their trucks. especially when they are subject to flying rocks...


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RogueClimber said:
I'd get the chip fixed ASAP.
I would second that. Its pretty cheap to get the chips fixed and some insurance companies are even picking up the tab. They see it as cheaper to pay someone to patch the chip rather than pay on you getting a new windshield. Just call your insurance company and see what they say.
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