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Winch Rope changeover ???????????

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OK people, force me to decide.
I want winch rope, not wire. So change up.
Ol buddy Bill recommends Amsteel blue.
Yea yea yea, It's all boat anchor line anyways! So,
I see this stuff and looks like a real improvement over the Amsteel blue.
Notice the choice of hooks, and the protectors and other features over the amsteel. I kinda like that.

I have a MMPE8000 winch, it's power in, power out, so heat could be a problem sorta. I know how to use it but ya know sometimes you get in a hurry.

I was also wondering if anyone has loaded a "Dummy" Layer on the drum and then started with the real rope. Making the Dummy layer absorb the heat from the drum.

How about length, what do you think? Go 100 ft 85 ft or just go like 50 ft and buy the extra line?

And hows about the fair-lead? Bill says a new roller is fine. Kinda cool with me, it's smooth as a baby's azz, I know it won't jack up the rope.
Chrome. OR An Aluminum one? (If Jim ever answers his e mail ah-hem)

Help me think/ decide here.

Links, questions, statements, opinions, experiences and rumors welcome.

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There is a master pull rep on . You just need to drop his name when you call up.
I got Amsteel and have not had any problems with it. I have a 10' sleeve over the line as an abrasion guard. I have not had any problems with heat and/or melting the line (I have never powered out more than a foot or two though, to just relieve stress on the line).

Here is where I got my line and hook.

They will actually splice the hook onto the line if you order them at the same time.

Your winch doesn't free-spool? If it does, why would you ever power out?

EDIT: Oh, and I have 5/16" x 125'
Yea it free spools, would someone buy one that don't?
Well I'd power out same as you, but in a bad situation you might do a bad thing to get out, Power out over 15 ft a no no I know but been done before, just covering my azz. It won't heat up on a power in I know.

Yea that site is a good one, I been there before.

I like that new style thimble that won't come through the fairlead. Nice option.
MC, I thought you knew all. HAHA. You DO seem to be the authority when it comes to Xterras. It never hurts to ask. I've used Amsteel Blue for years (not on winches) Great rope. The SuperLine loogs good. It has the main rope inside a braided cover like a climbing rope. This outer cover does add strength but its main duty is to protect the inner core from abrasion and dirt. Like a climbing rope, dirt that is ground into it can cut the fibers making it weaker. I would try not to step on the rope and I would wash it when it gets dirty. I like what I see with the SuperLine. Either would be good. Length? I would get as much as would fit on your winch.
I don't think any line on the market is would to withstand the head of a power out for great distances and your winch sure wouldn't like you if you did. I also can't think of a stuck where you would want to lower someone. If someone gets in that situation, let gravity do it's thing. ;)
Is the heat produced different, line out vs line in?
Yes, if you run out the line you are working against the internal brake in the winch (the brake is inside the drum) there for heating up the drum. When you run in the line, the brake does not generate any heat (or very very little). So as long as you free spool your line, heat shouldn't be an issue.

If you want to power out and not generate heat, you need something with an external brake. Most Planetary gear systems are internal braking.
usmc xterra said:
And hows about the fair-lead? Bill says a new roller is fine. Kinda cool with me, it's smooth as a baby's azz, I know it won't jack up the rope.
I thought that I read somewhere that you should use a Hawse fairlead when using synthetic rope. Not sure why. On the Shrock site (under winches) it says, "For safe operation of your synthetic winch rope, an Aluminum Fairlead is a necessity..." Jim's fairlead is billet aluminum Hawse. Saw another Hawse fairlead somewhere else out of non-metal material, but mentioned that it was better than roller fairlead for synthetic. Here is another aluminum one:
I belive the problem with a roller fairlead is that the rope could pinch in the corner of two rollers.

Just get one of your wife's climbing ropes, and step away (Quickly) :geek:
AH yea, Bill Burk's article is old, like when rope 1st came out, where he says use a roller, I can see the pinch issue, good point. Hummmm so that is settled. I might go Aluminum. I recall that was better than the plastic.

And yea, power out is nasty duty. But like I say, Id rather cover for it than not. And hope the heck I never have to, pretty much buy a new winch if you do anyways, or rebuild it. I like the Idea of the heat shield wrap.

What would you use for a heat shield? Nomex? Doesn't the rope need to bite onto the drum?
HEY MC, dig into my photobucket and look at the fairlead from Shrockworks,,,,,,,,,,,Very Cool factor !

Jim B
Lets just say Edit I now have the secret on how to get a hold of Jim, and that's what I'll do. He was busy getting the diff cover done, and He got back to me. Whew? Edit.

On the roller front,
That roller is for rope lines. So, another ball into the game.
I am leaning towards that company, they seem to know their crap and I love that thimble they make. What good is a line when the end is trashed. And I have seen some trashed!

And, I guess they do make a special snatch block for synthetic lines.
Just to make sure you noticed, those are just the rollers, not the entire fairlead. So make sure if you go that route that your rollers are removable (I know Warn are). The only reason I see for you to stick with the roller fairlead is for your plate setup, but I bet you could save yourself a few bucks with the aluminum HAWSE fairlead and come up with another mounting solution. :)

If you like that thimble and want something that serves the same purpose and more, check out

As for the heat. If you feel better with that heat wrap, go for it. In the end all the synth lines give you the same benefit...they are safer.
This is as confusing as buying a winch! From what they say here Below, Heat is a concern. I did find the rope I want but that thimble looks cool but may not be so cool to save someone with only a hitch. Hummmm
Keep kicking this around! So far I found a rope I want, but way over budget, Red Flame proof whole length up to over 500 degrees, SS eye. 5/16 100 ft.


Will the plastic rope melt on a hot winch drum? Yes or No, depending on which product you're talking about. Heat is a real concern, but only with the UHMWPE, which has a melting temperature of 284° F, and a critical temperature (the point at which the rope starts to weaken) of only 150° F. The drum of a Warn winch can be expected to reach temperatures well over 200° F (one source says as high as 300° F). The Technora aramid fiber-based X-Line rope does not begin to decompose until over 900° F, and X-Line can be used at nearly 400° F for long periods of time without loss of strength. At last, a winch product that doesn't have heat as an Achilles heel!

Sun Damage

Untreated, both UHMWPE and X-Line will degrade in the sun and can lose as much as half their strength when exposed to direct sun for three months. Both products, however, are coated with a UV polyurethane protective coating. I'm keeping my winch line out of the sun whenever possible, but X-Line's coating will protect it. The untreated X-Line is yellow... about the same color as a sticky note. (The original color can be exposed by pulling apart the fibers.) The UV coating turns it a nice dark green.
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Check this thing out:

Their "safety thimble" would be great for synthetic since it would allow you to keep the line reeled all the way in, away from road grime and UV. Looks much cleaner than the previous one.

Downside is that you would need to buy a separate hook.
Seeing as the Amsteel Blue rope is used on ships I am not too worried about the sun, it's treated. It's also well hid in the bumper.

Heat. I have used my winch quite a few times to pull out bushes, logs and rocks and have never noticed any real heat coming from the winch. I have also unspooled my winch a few times and never noticed any burned or melted wraps. What I have noticed is how the rope can work it's way between wraps on a hard pull. It doesn't cause any harm, just makes for free spooling the line tough some times as it will catch.

When I was looking at rope I looked at it this way, people have been using Amsteel Blue rope (or the same rope under a different name) and I have not read anything negative about it. It's also quite a bit cheaper than a lot of the other ropes out there. Bill also seems to like it and he winches for a living, so if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me.
I'd worry about the sun, at least get ya a cover for the part you have sticking out, I use that same type rope on my boat and when it sets in the sun just a Summer, it gets stiff on that end. I just chop it and tie a new knot further down but with the magic eyelet (Which I still can't figure why the same know you use on an anchor wouldn't work?) that's not an option.

I really like the thimble idea, but, looks like it may get in the way.
I'm not so sure I even want a hook, just an SS eye with a shackle through it.
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