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Winch Power ?

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Hey Everyone !

I'm in the midst of connecting my winch and after looking at the + side of battery and the " fused connections " I wondered where everyone was connecting their winches ?

I know I have read somewhere that other group members have had contact with their Nissan service people over connecting to these posts.

Also, with the fused connections,,,we don't want to overload and blow the fuse ? Especially when off-road and in need ??

Help would be great ?

Regards, Jim B
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For a winch, you want to connect both + and - directly to the battery. I used the battery terminal nuts.
Thanks Muzikman !

I had my previous truck connected that way but was concerned at those fused connections.

So, I will connect before the fuses, using the battery bolts again !

And, I was looking to make some grand connection that would be all tricked out. ! Darn !

Jim B
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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