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I have a Warn M8000 winch that I have had since 1992. Until last September it was mounted on a Warn Multi-Mount Kit on my Pathfinder, and now it's waiting to be mounted on a Shrockworks Front Bumper that is on order.

On my Pathfinder the power cables from the winch's control pack ended in a Warn Quick Connect. I also had quick connects in the engine compartment and at the rear of the vehicle that were cabled directly to the battery with 4-gauge wiring, so that I could use the winch at both the front and rear of the Pathfinder.

On my Xterra, although the winch will always be attached to the front bumper, I'm thinking of still using a quick connect in the engine compartment. Most of the time this could have the winch cables attached, but when I need to give someone a battery boost, I can use that quick connect with the 4-gauge battery jumper cables that I have that have a quick connect on one end.

Whether I use quick connects or not, I'll have to connect some 4-gauge cables to the battery. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the 'best way' to make those connections?
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