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Why 33 inch Tires? (Instead of OEM Size)

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Hi all, why do you use 33 inch tires (285/75-16) instead of the OE size?

This will probably become the next 500-post threadnaught, haha! :laughing2: I searched hundreds of threads here about 33s but the reason why people buy them seems to be lost in the sands of time.

Why do I want to know? I need new tires on the bone-stock 2015 Pro I just bought. I have no real reason to mod anything other than for shifts'n'grins because I feel like it. I think 33s look funny without a lift, so buying them would automatically commit me to a lift. Not against that, sounds fun, whatever, and if I replace the bumpers (also just for fun) I'll already need to swap some suspension parts anyhow for the extra weight, so might as well add the lift at the same time (~2 inch).

My theories:
1. Looks. (Like large rims on road cars where 99% do it for looks.)
2. To get a wider tire that fits our stock rims, and the next-widest size available just happens to be a 33 inch. And the reason for wanting wider may be primarily theory #1 again.
3. Marginally increased ground clearance. (Maybe 0.5 inch, depending on tire, inflation pressure, load, etc.)
4. Some reason about wider or more-compliant (softer) tire for offroad use.
5. Because small tires don't look as good with a lift. And the reason for the lift may be theory #1 again. ;)

And hey, no judgment here! I don't care if it's for looks, or you haul mail 100 miles a day on a rocky two-track, or your sister just works at JoeTire and gets a great deal on 33s, whatever! I'd just like to know why people use 33s. Maybe I'll learn some things :)

Thanks! :)
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I decided *against* going larger, as the new (stock size) STT's already added enough weight and the gearing is already high enough, even the 3.69's...the little bit of extra ground clearance would not be worth the negatives, especially if I had to pay more....have had 32's before on other smaller vehicles and they were great offroad IMO.
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