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who thinks these will fit??

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255 85 16.....

i need new tires in the spring and i love the aggressive look of these super swampers, my main concern is fit and wear, obviously.

i will be off-roading, moderately, but i drive the truck a lot (40-80 miles per day). 32.7" diameter, almost 2 inches more then the stock long trails.

i haven't seen anyone with these tires on an X yet, but i know a lot of jeep people around here who use them.

also, they aren't anymore expensive then the bridgestones, or bfg's i was looking at before i stumbled across them!!
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these tires do fit, you might need to pull the fender back a little, bt that i mean the lip/plastic peice in there.....there are a few people in the forum already running this size
Keep in mind that those are Bias Ply tires. With the mileage that you drive daily you might run into some comfort and longevity problems with the TSL's. Other than that they should fit with only the Melt Mod
thanks guys, that was exactly what i thought....i'm still a few months away from tire, but i'll keep them in the back of my mind!
Please don't get t-birds. They are horrible tires loud and stink offroad.
lol, thanks, i still have a lot of tires i want to look at, so i'm not set on anything yet!
I had the superswamper tsl on my old cherokee as all day tires. they wore out very fast, I lovd the sound of them, and you could here me coming from three blocks down, crappy in the snow. Again very short road life, but great offroad and very nice and hardcore looking. I'm thinking of getting another interco tire for my X and TJ.

The Thornbirds are not going to do very well on the road, or in snow, or in sand... or on rocks... but hey, they do look cool.
If I were you I'd go for these. They're on sale right now too.:
hey guys, thanks for the replies!

i guess i'll pass on the super swampers...

at the moment i really like the BFGs syndicate linked and i also like the Bridgestone Duelers.

lifeinthesouth - thanks for the link, i'll look into those some more!
Oh yeah, I've only heard good things about the Maxxis Bighorns.
They've got a nice sidewall grooving too.
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