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I bought these front spacers off of Ebay for $99.00;

They are made of 2 1/4" plates with a welded cylinder in the middle giving an over all height of 1.3" This raises the Xterra ~ 2" in the front.

After installing them I found that I lost the articulation on the front that I need off road. The UCA was very close to the strut bucket.

I cut the spacers down to just 1 of the 1/4" plates and installed it above the strut using the struts bolts. The 1/4" plates gave an overall front lift of .5".

On the rear I installed the Calmini shackles which should have given a 1" lift in the rear, but after installation the lift in the rear was only 3/4" (.75").
This did take care of the rear bottoming out problem (which occured when running over ants in the driveway) which looks like it was being caused by the shocks, not the bump stops.

So currently I am sitting .5" higher in the front and .75" higher in the rear. This levels out when the camping equipment is loaded.

Looking into Upper Control Arms (UCA's) I found these at Automotive Customizers;

Also the very same UCA's at Total Chaos;

Both companys claim to be the manufacturer, they both even use the same photo!

What scares me about these UCA's is that instead of using a tapered bolt to connect to the spindle, they use a tapered spacer and a regular bolt.

Also found still another company making front spacers;

They also list the Total Chaos UCA's.

Anybody using Automotive Customizers or Total Chaos UCA's?

That bolt really scares me. I would hate to be 30 miles down a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere in Nevada and have that bolt break.

I would like to install spacers to get the 2" lift in the front, but these UCA's worry me.


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They're Total Chaos! Total Chaos builds race truck suspensions and makes bombproof products... there is nothing to worry about with that bolt set-up.
There are a ton of companies making spacer lifts for the front. PRG does quite a bit for the nissan community and R&D's his stuff.
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