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Which should be done first with xtra cash

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Which Should Come First

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I came across about $200 dollars or so this past week. Now i'm wondering which i should do first. I've wanted tthe OEM Fogs since i got the truck (there were none available with them), but i love the sound of a CAI. Now that i have some extra cash i dont know which i wanna do first. Or is there somethin i'm forgetting? The lift and tires will come closer to the summer when needed. Thanks for the input
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well i see your getting a lift and tires so i assume you plan on off-roading with the truck, so i would suggest spending it on some good recovery gear for the rig.

if you don't plan on running it off-road then maybe the fog lights (if you're keeping the stock bumper).
Gonna keep the stock bumper...Most of my offroading is just beach driving for "fishing" (which is more commonly known as hanging out wit friends wit some fishing gear in the truck) since NYS sells fishing permits which allow beach driving. Not much off road or rocks or mud. Tow straps arent part of this extra cash find
If you must have fog lights you dont need factory ones. You can buy a set of hellas or something similar (fog lamp style) and mount them on the bumper (rather than in the factory spot). It would be cheaper. plus that gives you money left for recovery gear/ trailer hitch/ scan gauge/ etc.
It's possible to mount hella's to the stock bumper? I didnt think it would work. Any pics of this.
B REAL said:
It's possible to mount hella's to the stock bumper? I didnt think it would work. Any pics of this.
I meant the fog lamp style hellas... the rectangle type not the round ones... but someone did mount the round headlights to the bumper, not sure who though. He did have to make some brackets to hold them.
Gotcha...I was thinkin botu the ff75 in addition to the factory fogs. I can splurge the extra 70 bucks or whatever they are. I basically have these 200 bucks to get something i wouldn't normally have the money for. I remember seeing the pics of the Hella's on the bumper/grille part. I just dont know how well that will hold up in parking lots and street parking around NYC
B REAL said:
Tow straps arent part of this extra cash find
Don't know what the beaches are like in your neck of the woods, but I would not want to venture onto sand without some recovery gear. Got stuck in the sand at Daytona Beach once (hard packed sand once you get down to it) and a guy with a Jeep pulled me out. And this happened right at the bottom of the ramp for beach access from the main drag. Towing is expensive. Good snatch strap is less than the cost of one tow truck visit. Mine is by ARB: 8000 Kg, 9 M. $69. Also have a receiver shackle so I have both front and rear points that I can strap to. Eventually I will have a winch, but for now, at least I have stuff with me that a good Samaritan can use to help me out of a jam. So my choice of where to spend your windfall would be on recovery stuff, but fog lights would be my second choice. I have poor night vision (I'm nearsighted, so darkness only makes it worse) and the fogs give me that wide lighting that I need ahead and brightens up everything just in front of me w/o blinding oncoming cars and the person ahead of me.
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Oh in no way was i saying i'd go out witout a tow strap. I just meant that this 200 bucks was xtra. Like found money. They two strap is a definite before the summer, so are tires. Possibly a lift depending on cash flow and bills. I would love to add a receiver hitch, just thought maybe the lights would be first. Unless i do the hitch and the Hella FF75.that would be bout 200 dollars or so. My buddy would be with me 99% if not 100% of the time in a Dodge Ram 1500.
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