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I've read most of the threads I can find on wheels. And still, when it comes to 16x8s without spacers, I'm at a loss. My truck's at SLR, and Spencer needs the wheels and tires set to finish the fabrication work.

So far, we've tried Pro Comp's 107-6868-45s, which as far as I can tell are the ones sold by Automotive Customizers. AC says they won't contact the calipers. But the ones we have--purchased elsewhere--do hit the caliper. So Spencer had a guy try machining them, and after working on one wheel, he's recommending 3/4" spacers, and option I'd rather avoid.

Maybe the wheels we have and the ones on AC's website are different? I bought mine as a package from 4 Wheel Parts, not from AC. Has anyone bought the wheels from AC? Do they clear the calipers? I'm thinking maybe they have a somewhat special or modified version of this wheel.

I've seen the wheel on Tirerack that looks like it will fit. But does anyone know of a single other 16x8 that fits without any issues?

Finally, thoughts on spacers? I've read some here before, but I could use a refresher. I'm concerned about safety and dependability, especially during hard off-road use.
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