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Received from Steevo today. MODS could move this to the Rugged Rocks area if need be.

Happy New Year from Rugged Rocks! We're kicking off 2011 after a move
to South Lake Tahoe, CA over the holidays! After getting a few feet of
snow we're still getting settled in and back into our regular routine
of doing business. Due to the recent storms, we've had a delay in
getting consistent phone and internet services up and running, but
it's expected that we'll have the issues worked out in the next week
or so. Besides the issues with utilities, we're really looking
forward to a killer 2011 being that we've got great new products
coming right around the corner. We're now just a stones throw away
from some of the greatest wheeling in the country which includes but
isn't limited to the famous Rubicon Trail. Not only does this give us
a place to play, but a great area to test new products.

Speaking of testing products, we're looking to putting together a
small team of people we'll be referring to as the 'Rugged Rocks Rough
Riders' which would consist of people that are extremely active in
this Nissan off-road community who wheel often and attend big events
such GONE Moab, or even more preferably, compete in 4x4 events. These
individual vehicles would help test prototype products, receiving them
at little to no cost and would be able to purchase other production
Rugged Rocks product at discounted rates. Stickers and other
promotional items will be given to the team to champion the growth of
Rugged Rocks at events and trail runs.

We're more immediately looking to test product on the following

'87 - '95 Pathfinder

'86 - '97 Hardbody

'98 - '04 Xterra or Frontier

For further details on becoming part of the Rugged Rocks Rough
Riders, please e-mail [email protected] with your name,
address and full details of your vehicle along with a few pictures.

Throughout 2010, we've become knee deep in various projects. In 2011
we plan on wrapping up the majority of the things that we started last
year. Here is a quick list of whats on the board and where we are with
each product or project.

Pathfinder/Hardbody 3.0L HD motor mounts
available on the shelf, ready to ship.

Xterra / Frontier 3.3L HD Motor mounts
recently redesigned and should be complete in the next 8 weeks or

WD21 Pathfinder Long Arm 4-Link
First production brackets and truss are complete, needs final

H233B/D60 Front Diamond Axle
first axle is near completion, Configuring the brakes to use factory
nissan calipers to maintain pedal pressure for proper braking.

Inner axle shafts need to be cut and splined

Pathfinder / Hardbody SAS Kit
Will be using a H233B/D60 Diamond front axle. The timeframe for
completion is dependant on when the front axle is complete.

H233B 31 & 33 spline H233B Chromoly Shafts
Still on the list for being made. Ideally these would be ready by
May 2011, but currently we don't have a firm ETA.

H233B 3-link brackets
Will be on the shelf ready to ship 1/06/2011

H233B Carrier Adjuster Tools
available on on the shelf, ready to ship.

Rugged Rocks Winch Fairleads
available and on the shelf, ready to ship.

TX-10 transfercase doubler
Due to the order minimum with the manufacture, and extended wait
times, this project is currently stalled.

Xterra / Frontier 3.3L V6 Doug Thorley Headers (SC and non-SC)
Currently out of stock but expected in by the end of Jan 2011.

H233B 5.42 Ring and Pinion gears
Canceled. can't justify engineering and cutting a min of 100 sets.
Rugged Rocks is aiming to use the H233B front and rear for SAS'd
vehicles, so compatibility with other axles isn't a concern. 5.571
and 5.857 ratios are available.

pre-'05 Xterra / Frontier / Pathfinder - H233B 33-Spl Lockright
Design is done and prototypes are next in line to be made. Aiming
for an ETA of Mid April for Production Units.

Xterra / Frontier '05+ C200K Lockright Locker
Currently in the prototype stage, production units expected in early

Advanced Adapters - 4 Cyl Pathfinder / Hardbody Atlas Adapter
working with AA to get this done, no ETA.

TJM H233B (31 & 33 spline) Air Lockers
Expected in stock by Mid February.

ARB (M205) Titan Front Air Locker
on the list for production in Australia but currently there is no

Superior M205 4.10 & 4.56 Gears
Due in Any Day

If you have any questions or would like to simply express interest in
a new product, please e-mail Steven Lutz at [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support of Rugged Rocks, we're really
looking forward to completing projects we started as well as continue
to work with other manufactures to grow the Rugged Rocks product line
and Nissan 4x4 aftermarket support as a whole.

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We're kicking off 2011 after a move
to South Lake Tahoe, CA over the holidays!



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"Xterra / Frontier '05+ C200K Lockright Locker
Currently in the prototype stage, production units expected in early

another interested party.
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