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Feeler for a moderate wheeling adventure with camping (maybe two nights if people are interested).
Perhaps some fishing, shooting, night wheeling.

Where: Indian Valley Resivour, Lovelady Ridge-

Caravan location: TBD

When: THIS weekend- Aug (12th?) 13th+14th

Difficulty: Should be fine for stock 4x4 without mud flaps or side-steps. Upwards of trail lvl 7 for equipped rigs.

CB radio, there is no cell reception. Im studying for ham.
3/4 or better life on tires, Good trail rated spare tire, recovery points, diff breather mod, tire repair kit, tire pump, tire gauge, hand tools, extra food & water, camping stuff.

Previous trips, all lead by LeeX (white pro4x), so thanks goes to him for the idea and trail info.

More info: -trip blogs by LeeX

Indian Valley/Walker Ridge, Ukiah Field Office, Bureau of Land Management California


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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