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Anyone going to this? Seems like an awesome place and event.

Cruzer- In Fri-Sun
Orionshadow- Fri night-Sun
LIXterra- ?
BlackoutV- ?
Trexterra- Sat?

BIG DOGS OFFROAD provides experienced trail guides, plenty of action, and a good time with good "wheelers". Limited number of vehicles at each event, first-come-first served. Open to 4-wheel drive vehicles, we have plenty of rugged action for you. BIG DOG T-Shirts Sold at each event.

Who they are what they have:
4x4 Trail Rides – Big Dogs Offroad started in 1990 and sits on 6,000 privately owned, heavily wooded legal acres near Winchester, Virginia. There are three 3 lakes and a real nice beach. Hot showers 24/7. The terrain sits on 4 large mountains with 1,500 feet drop in elevation. We have 98 trails with difficulty from 1 to 10. We are primarily a family campground ready for 400 campers easily. Our 3 famous mud pits, rifle and hand gun
range, boating, fishing and swimming, rock climbing and rappelling are available. Only 9 weekends are open for 4 wheeling. The other weekends are strictly campers only.

Previous old thread on the venue:

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I'm definitely in. Is there an address for this place? Can't find on the website
I don't see the actual address yet either, figured they would send it out to registered people. I just paid.

Can you go just for one day? I can't make it that Sunday.
There are two players involved in this: Big Dogs Off Road and the land/camp the trails are on.

"As far as Big Dogs you can do a single day at half price of $35. I can’t speak for the campground. They really frown on one day excursions.

I like the trail number system as it is more accurate. Anyone knows the difference between a 4 and a 5. However, I don’t know the difference between a high green is to a low blue.

Rausch and I have the same trails. Mine are higher and longer. I have 1,500 drop in trail elevation. We both have rocks. I have mud, inclines and stream beds. You just have to come to both and compare.

Keep in mind, I have hot showers 24 hours a day, electricity for 52 campers or RV, true camp sites each with its own fire pit, 3 large lakes and a real nice beach.

With Paypal payment you don’t have to select trails now. We do that at Driver’s Meeting each morning.

Also, with Paypal, you don’t have to fill out a Registration form. There is enough information with Paypal. Just trying to keep it easier.

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Cruzer, let me know if you go to this. I might go as well. I have payed attention each year but never gone to it because of the prices etc etc. I'll give you a call at some point soon about that other trip I had called about anyway and we can figure it out.

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Cruzer, let me know if you go to this. I might go as well. I have payed attention each year but never gone to it because of the prices etc etc. I'll give you a call at some point soon about that other trip I had called about anyway and we can figure it out.
I signed up today looks like a VERY WELL organized event. I got all the below info and 10 attachments once I paid..

Great to hear from you. Hope your summer is going well.
Attached is the usual.

Confirmation and Other Information - Summer Slam

Glad you can make it. Make Big Dogs a mini-vacation. Come a day earlier and stay awhile.

Big Dogs received your Registration and Paypal payment for the two (2) day Summer Slam event August 17, 18, 2013. Three (3) days of fun and two (2) days of wheeling!!! Come in a day earlier. Make Big Dogs a mini-vacation. Thank you. You’re all set for the event.

When using Paypal there is no further need to Register either online or at the event.

(Just trying to make it easier.)

Hawiian Luau and Beach Party Saturday night at Summer Slam!!!!! BYOB

Note: Quadratec will be our main sponsor in September in addition to other sponsors.

Attached is pertinent information to have: (1) Directions to Big Dogs, (2) Schedule of Events, (3) Trail Grid Matrix, (4) General Information, (5) Big Dog calendar 2012 of all Big Dog activities, (6) Gas, diesel & food enroute to Big Dogs Offroad 4x4 park.

The Big Dog trail system has 1,500 ft. drop in Jeep trail elevation, 3,000 foot drop altogether. Hot showers 24/7 and your own campsite and fire. This was a campground first then came the trail system. 6,000 private, heavily wooded acres, 4 large mountain, 3 large lakes with an extremely nice beach. 26 electrical sites, 4 with water and dump station. Triple mud pit, rifle & handgun range, fishing, boating, canoeing and swimming. 2 caves and hand-foot climb on Dinosaur Back. We are self-contained, water, ice, food and entertainment, etc. No need to go back on the county roads.

There is no 4 wheeling at this campground on any other weekends other than the eight (8) Big Dog weekends. We don’t have guides, supervision, medical personnel, retrievers, or insurance to protect the public unless on a Big Dog weekend.

A Note About Camp 6 Camp 6 is about one mile away from the other more family camps like 1, 2, 3 and 4. There is a reason for this. Camp 6 is where the younger, louder patrons camp. It is YOUR CHOICE to go to Camp 6 or not. You are the paying customer. If you are a family, I highly recommend Camps 1, 2, 3 or 4. Camps 5 and 7 are closer to Camp 6 but still very nice. Make sure the office knows your wishes.

Schedule of Events Summer Slam We will have our usual Friday night Night Run, Saturday wheeling, then Saturday night on the beach a Hawiian Luau and Beach Party. Then another Night Run and wheel again on Sunday. As always, the Roll Over Jeep, Dead Man photos, Turtle Race, RTI Ramp, Rock Pile, Obstacle Course, Mud Pits and Rifle and Handgun Range are available.

Food Vendor The BBQ food vendor will be there for April, June & Sept. He will also have ribs, hamburgers and hot dogs. Ribs! And breakfast.

Also, national sponsors like Quadratec, Mad Matz Unique Jeepz, Clayton Off Road, Appalachian Off Road, Adrenalin Off Road, Adventurous 4x4, A to Z Fabrication, TMW Services, Bear Tracks Photography, and more will be here.

CURFEW MIDNIGHT 12:00 PM: New for Big Dogs beginning with Spring Fling 2009. Because of all the driving around at night disturbing campers trying to sleep after midnight, there will now be a mandatory curfew for ALL vehicles at midnight 12:00 PM. This means no driving around of any vehicle on ALL mountain trails and ALL campground roads. No excuses, no tolerances. Take your shower before midnight, leave your party before midnight, etc. Keys will be confiscated and/or police called. Sorry for this most extreme measure but recklessness has got out of hand.

Roll Over Jeep: See and ride in the demonstration Roll Over Jeep (ROJ). We will be doing a roll over up the RTI Ramp Saturday night 7 PM. YOU can ride inside when it goes over. Beginning with Spring Fling 2009 ************

Teeter-Totter Big Dogs has a brand new Teeter-Totter starting Summer Slam 2013. Try to balance your vehicle on this single axle trailer. A side benefit to doing this is, you can find the exact center of gravity (CG) of your vehicle for loading on trailer purposes.

Trailers: If you are bringing your vehicle to Big Dogs via a trailer, we "prefer" you to not park the trailer at your camp site unless you have a box on it and need things from the box. We found the trailers are taking up too much camping space on heavily attended Big Dog weekends. This is NOT mandatory, only suggestive. Park it lakeside or below Camp II if camping in Camp 2 or 3. All other camp sites, Camps 1, 4, 5, 6, 8 please disregard this notice.

NOTE, the campground is open for four wheeling only on the 8 Big Dog weekends, 4 open to the public and 4 club only. There is no four wheeling at the campground any other weekend of the year. Those weekends reserved for campers only.

MANDATORY: (Preferred anyway) - ABC fire extinguisher. .

- Some kind of spark arrester, meaning some kind of muffler.

For Sale If you have an off road vehicle for sale and can’t sell it yourself, bring it to a Big Dog event. We will place it in front of 600 off road enthusiasts at Registration plus Driver’s Meeting plus evening festivities. What better place to advertise. You are bound to sell it. If you can’t sell it at Big Dogs, Big Dogs will buy it. Oh yeah, this service if FREE!

Big Dogs receives 28,000 hits per year on this website. Advertise your vehicle on the website too.

Marriott Hotels 2011 Big Dogs has obtained a special deal with Marriott Hotels for $79 per night that includes a free $10 “all you can eat” buffet breakfast for two (2) people. That is a $20 breakfast for FREE. This is a complete buffet that includes fresh eggs, omelet’s, sausage, bacon, hash browns, made to order breakfast, cereals, juices, bagels and fruits That equates to $59 per night. See the Marriott on Route 50 near Wal-Mart (540) 678-8822. This Marriott is new and immaculate!

Marriott is also giving away a free room drawing at Big Dogs June event.

Arrival On Big Dog Weekends: On Big Dog weekends at Winchester try to arrive other than the peak time of 5-9 PM. There can be a long line and delay. You are welcome to arrive at any time though.

We have a rifle and handgun range. Bring whatever you want.

Make your stay a “mini-vacation”. There is much to do.

Sapiens pro ratis,


John H. Hunt, Jr., AIC, CFE
Owner, Big Dogs Offroad, LLC
Instructor, Off Road 101
Instructor, Black Dog Survival Training
Board of Directors, VA4WDA
Pilot, Cessna 172 aircraft
Veteran US Air Force
Former Regional Litigation Mgr.
cell - (410) 440-36760
email - [email protected]
website -

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Looks like fun and this is closer then I thought. I have too much crap going on though. Maybe if anyone does the "Fall Crawl"
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