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WHEELIN: 3rd Annual GPAX - Ridin' Dirty Run, Nov 2-4, 2012!

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"The 3rd Annual GPAX - Ridin' Dirty Run 2012"
will be held at the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area, which is a brand new off-road park in Northumberland County Pennsylvania and is not yet open to the public! We will be the gracious guests of the AOOA and be guided through these brand new trails by volunteer trail guides and shown some of the newest and most exciting trails in PA!

  • Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area - Off-Road Trails Web Page: FB Page: AOOA Facebook
  • 4100 State Rt 125, Coal Township Shamokin, PA
  • Directions to the Trail Head: AOAA Trail Head
  • There are no Bathrooms at AOOA! None at all. So, come prepared with your own TP.

  • Twin Grove Park & Campground - Camping/Cabins
    1445 Suedberg Road
    Pine Grove, PA 17963

  • The cost will be $25 per driver and include the following:

  • No Lunch will be provided, so please bring your own lunch for the day.
  • We will have a Catered Dinner on November 3rd, 2012 after our wheeling adventure at the trail head. The meal will include salad, pasta, chicken, a potato side, deserts, and non alcoholic beverages.
  • Each Adult guest/passenger of the driver's will cost $12 per plate. Children's plates will be $6.
  • No Alcohol is allowed on the trails or at the dinner/raffle.

  • We will also have a large raffle with amazing prizes and equipment for your off-road vehicle, including a Quadratec Q9000 Winch, A Powertank System, 20" Alien LED Light Bar and a set of 2" Aero Lights, a PRG $500 Gift Certificate & Radflo Coilovers, and a mystery door prize!

  • Additonal raffles prizes include: 48" Hi-Lift, Hi-Lift Off-Road Base, ARB Recovery Strap, ARB Tree Saver Strap, Staun Tire Deflators, ARB 25% Off Gift Cirtificate, 2 Sets of D-Ring Shackles, Rugged Rocks 25% & 20% Off Gift Certicates, Stillen $25 Gift Card, 2 Powertank Tire Repairs Kits, Powertank Air Chuck, Power Tank 50%, 40%, and 30% Gift Certificates, Mickey Thompson $500 Gift Certificate.

  • Each driver will receive 1 free raffle ticket for the general raffle.
  • Additional raffle tickets will be available for the general raffle for $2 for 1, $5 for 3, and $10 for 6.
  • Powertank, Alien Lightbar, and PRG raffle tickets will be $5 each.
  • All tickets sales will be in CASH, so please bring cash with you!

Powertank System

Quadratec Q9000 Winch

20" Alien LED Light Bar

2" Alien LED Aero Light (Pair)

Prices to take part in the run and dinner will be $25 for each driver. General Raffle tickets will be $1, 3 for $5, or 6 for $10. Powertank, Alien Lightbar Raffle Tickets will be $5 each.

This is one event you do not want to miss! Please let us know if you would like to attend and what level trails you would like to run. :)


  1. XterraPA
  2. Rook
  3. Hoagie27
  4. Xtreme3
  5. eytmotic
  6. crashdan
  7. sleeper00
  8. JC55X
  9. ducatidom
  10. Yellow07x
  11. lizardking
  12. Satcon
  13. Killswitch
  14. farley27
  15. MRB412
  16. blackx09
  17. LIXterra
  18. TomsRedX
  19. snickerdoodle
  20. fubar1217
  21. GusstoX
  22. PukeGreenX
  23. 11Pro4X
  24. ManwithBeard
  25. ducatidom
  26. primer11hb55
  27. Blk11Xterra
  28. hitman465
  29. Blain
  30. mtnbiker49
  31. Xterra Mike
  32. clownmidget
  33. lufc1919
  34. JerseyParts
  35. ArcticX
  36. steveho
  37. John Dirt
  38. MdPhoenix

Maybe Attending:

  1. Shawn-OR-X
  2. the007forum
  3. Ridge Runner X
  4. darkness250
  5. Fisherman John


  • 48" Hi-Lift Jack
  • Hi-Lift Off-Road Base
  • ARB Recovery Strap
  • ARB Tree Saver Strap
  • Staun Tire Deflators

  • Powertank System
  • Tire Repair Kits
  • Power Air Chuck
  • 40% Off Gift Certificate
  • 30% Off Gift Certificate
  • 20% Off Gift Certificate

  • PRG $500 Gift Certificate

  • $500 Gift Certificate
  • Gift Bags

  • 2 - Sets of D-Ring Shackles

  • 20" Alien LED Light Bar
  • Set 2" Aero Lights

  • 1 - 25% Off Gift Certificate

  • 2 - 25% Off Gift Certificates
  • 1 - 20% Off Gift Certificates

  • 1 - $25 Gift Certificate
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list updated. You are a maybe Mike??! wtf man.... :( lol.

ladies and gents...this is seriously all new territory for everyone. This is a run that you don't want to miss if you can help it.
all this choke slamming is getting me pumped...HA!....that being said....for my own good I will not be choke slamming
How hard are the trails going to be

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there will be all levels..from mild to wild. You can do the Green Trails (easy) in a stock Xterra easily. Just be sure to remove OEM step rails and mudflaps...or youll be going home with them in the passenger seat. :drink:
^ do you have the parts yet? if not please let me know when you do. Lord knows you've helped enough of us with our broken stuff/mods. :) Hopefully we'll see you there homeboy. Plenty of time between now and then to get that lift in.
it's coming together! these are some great prizes! Nice job guys!
It's confirmed I'll be there either flying into Chicago and ride out with Ryan or Newark and ride out with Mr. Snookie
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hahaha. just let me know what you decide to do. One way or the other the Ninjas will be present at the Ridin Dirty Run! :drink:
there will be no fees to wheel on this trip.
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That is not actually true. There will be nominal fees to wheel on this trip.
i should clarify it, the park is not charging an entry fee per passenger..but yes there will be nominal fees to cover other costs. thy will be nothing like rc charges tho.
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dom i have it under control. thanks for the heads up.
Sorry for the lack of an update for a while. We are having trouble finding campgrounds that are less than 45 min from the wheeling location that are still open at this time of year, can host a raffle/dinner event, and can accomodate our group size. I am still working out logistics but it is very possible that our home base for this trip will be the KOA in pine grove again due to the fact that it is open, nice, has heated cabins, and has a place for the raffle event to take place. This is not the final word. This campground is in Pine Grove and is just under an hour from the wheeling spot. A little far, but it seems like the most feasable option at this point at this time of year. I will most likely be going in on a cabin (with heat) with some other people if we end up staying at the KOA. Stay tuned. Marcin call me sometime today bud. :)
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well..there are closer campgrounds with comparable amenities and cabins and all, however, they all close down the weekend before at the end of october. KOA is the only one capable of handling our group and varying lodging requirements that also has off season hours. I don't think everyone is going to want to tent camp in november. I personally have no issue with it...but we need to have options for those to wish to bring families and sig everyone can enjoy this event. For that KOA is our best choice.
Yeah, last November got pretty chilly overnight. I can hang with tents in the cold, the family not so much. So it is KOA fo sho?
sending out a couple more emails and making a few more calls. But we are leaning heavily towards the KOA right probably yes.
As has been mentioned before. We will officially be staying at the Twingrove KOA, in Pine Grove, PA.

A lot of us reserve and share cabins. It would be worth your while to reserve now, because although it is the off season, we will have enough people at this event that the bigger cabins go quickly. You will get offseason pricing which is considerably less than during the camping season, and the cabins have heaters. It doesn't really matter where you end up, we all end up hanging out at the biggest place around a big fire at night anyway. Cheers and I can't wait to see you all at this event!!

GPAX Event Coordinator
the meeting is currently in session. we will have updated prices for this event as well as a signup thread for trail difficulty/trail leading and more general event info at the end of the night.
guys, I know we are all excited about the PRG kit being raffled off, and about this event....but let's please try and keep PRG reviews and customer service related banter in the PRG subforum. Thanks.

GPAX Event Coordinator
If you are planning on coming to this event it is very important that you go over to this thread and officially sign up. This will not only give us a headcount, but will also allow the GPAX officers and our kind hosts to plan the trail groups for wheeling on the 3rd. thanks!
Should be cheaper or around the same price as a day at Rausch for everything (T-shirt, Food sat night, Guides for the Day, ect.) . I am waiting on the food vendor to get an exact price to everything. Sorry about the delay...but if you can afford a day at Rausch...this won't be a problem for you.
What's a day at Rausch cost? I'm still hoping I'll be able to make it out to this.
well, if you are new to Rausch Offroad would be $45-50 because you need to pay the yearly membership fee. If you are already a member, $35. The cost for everything should be around 35 bucks or less for this event. There is no official direct fee to wheel at this park.
There are.
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thats incredibly helpful.. thank you for your input.

To answer the question nicely...there are many gas stations on the way. If you are taking rt 80 there is TA truckstop right before your Hit the delware water gap just off 80. There is a micky D's there too so it's a decent place to fuel up and grab something as well. aside from that almost every exit off rt 80 or 87 have a gas station within a few miles. If you go down through Mt Bethel there are at least 3 stations in town there. hit me up if you want to carpool on Friday night.

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