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Wheel / Tire Issue

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So I was trying to get the Gunner 6 but it's all sold out in 16" so I'm going to go 17". Problem is there are no MTR's in 17 available because they are used by the military. Anyway what is a good alternative to MTR's which I've used for years and love. I'm worried about going to something else. Someone suggested to me the MTZ by Mickey Thompson.

I'm looking for a good wheeling tire. Something meaty for mud if needed yet good ride, as quite as I can get and something won't chew up on the highway. Yes I know that's asking a lot for an off road tire but the MTR seemed to do it all, any other brand?

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Syn - that is a 16" tire not a 17"
you could try the Cooper STT...alittle more mud biased than the MTRs, but you can get them in 17" sizes

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So I was trying to get the Gunner 6 but it's all sold out in 16" so I'm going to go 17".
Not to persuade you into something else but since you're going to a 17" that gives you quite a few more choices in wheels!
Thanks guys I ended up with the 17 Gunner 6 and MITRE's that we found from Discount Tire Direct.

However those Coppers look awesome! Anyone have any reviews between them and the MTR. I tried google but came up with nothing. Any real life experiences?
take a look here

everything i've read about them says they do real well in mud, but not as well on rocks as the MTR...the rubber compound is harder, so its not as sticky, but lasts for more miles

I came really close to purchasing the Cooper S/Tc..which is really comparable to the BFG AT...but one tire dealer had BFG in stock, and the coopers were an order...
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