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Wheel adapters install question

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Despite the extra stress these will likely cause, I've decided to install some 6-4.5 - 6-5/5 wheel adapters for 2 reasons; (1) the adapter should have a spacer effect and maybe prevent my 285/75/16s from rubbing against the rear frame rail under full articulation, and (2) it opens up my wheel options. I decided to order from ezaccessories, where Grunzen got his spacers.

For those who installed adapters, did the 1 inch do the trick (I've yet measure my wheel studs)? If not, how much grinding did you have to do? Any other problems? Would the 1.5 inch be better?

Thanks, everybody.
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Nevermind. You hit the search button enough and you might find something. Looks like I will have to grind some of the stock wheel studs off with the 1 inch. But I don't really want to go w/ 1.5. Need to find nuts for the wheel studs as well. And apparently, I might have to take off some sheet metal in the front. Yippee. This should be fun.

Anyway... I'm going with the American Racing Mojave (teflon) wheels. Ordered them from Summit. I'll post pics when I get them on there (hopefully within next 3 weeks) if anybody wants to see. I'm hoping that they go well with the Midnight Armor.
Feels good to solve own problem. Yea I live 30 miles from Summit! Jealous? LOL Picked up my Hellas right off the shelf. Stick with as thin a spacer as you can, less stress and that is all you need to stop the rub.
Use the threadlocker blue on the spacers and be real careful on the torquing of them. They can be safe if you know what you have and take care of it and be watchful. Especially when you stick to the thinnest ones you can get away with. You hear any clicking when driving, stop and check em out! Have tools with you to deal with any troubles.

Post the pics! People want to see!

Thanks, MC. Threadlocker is a good idea. Will definitely pick some up.

I wish I could go to a summit store and actually grab something "off the shelf." Can't really complain, though. It seems like like almost everything I've ever ordered from them was in stock in their Henderson, NV, warehouse. It only takes about 2 days to ship to Oregon. Wish all the suppliers were that quick.

Wheels are supposed to hit my door tomorrow. Maybe I'll get it done this weekend and get the pics up.

By the way, anybody know what the torque specs on the lugs are? I thought it was 120 ft/lbs.
I live 50 miles away from JC Whitney's :geek:
Honda gl1500a
You should change your tagline to "Official JC Whitney test pilot."
LOL test Pilot! LOL I go past there a lot on my way to Iowa or St Louis from Chicago. I wondered if you can get in the door. I can see it from the road I80. I normally stop at the 75 Mile Marker exit they have hot waitresses and good steaks. Although that's about only time I eat steak.

You don't miss much at Summit, yea they have a lot of events there, and nice displays of things we can't use, they are Big 3! NO Jap Auto parts on display! Only Ford Mopar and Chevy/GM It ticks me off!

But they have good service and fast ship. Only thing, kind of a PITA to return things so hope it's right fit.

Jc Whitney offers nothing for Xterra and if they do!
Its way to difficult to find it.
Find Headshop
BoonDox said:
Jc Whitney offers nothing for Xterra and if they do!
Its way to difficult to find it.
Hey, I was just kidding about the JC Whitney thing. Nice wheels by the way.


Another good thing about summit... cheap @ss shipping. I paid $9.95 (total) to ship four wheels. Good times.
Sorry to dredge up older posts but they are all new to me since I've been gone. Don't talk bad about JC Whitney.My flares are from them. :geek: Glad to see you got it working Oregon. I only needed to gring the tips off my studs for those adapters.
Thanks, Grunzen. I had to grind a tiny bit off my studs, but only in the front (?).

I also had to do a lot of grinding and cutting on that lower fender behind the front wheels.

I'm curious... what kind of flares did you end up using. The Pacer performance Flexy Flares? Do you have any pics?
Yeah I have some photo's but my only Internet link is Gov. and it restricts what and where I go. I'll be back in the states for Xmas so I'll probably post them up then unless I get a way to do it sooner. I can't remember exactly what I got but they were the Universal Pacer ones. 1"3/4 in back and around 2" in front. I had to drill into the fender to mount the fronts and I could've done a nicer job if I didn't have to turn the truck in the next day to the shippers. The backs were a bit difficult as the front half are epoxied onto the fender to door weatherstrip.
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