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What items have you Modified or Added to your x?

  • Control Arms

    Votes: 41 70.7%
  • Shocks/Struts

    Votes: 51 87.9%
  • Intake

    Votes: 26 44.8%
  • Headers / Exhaust

    Votes: 15 25.9%
  • Gears

    Votes: 16 27.6%
  • Differential Carrier (Lockers / Limited Slip etc.)

    Votes: 19 32.8%
  • Bumpers

    Votes: 42 72.4%
  • Rock Sliders & Skid Plates

    Votes: 49 84.5%
  • Wheel Spacers

    Votes: 34 58.6%
  • Wheels & Tires

    Votes: 53 91.4%

  • Total voters
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They way shorter list is what haven’t I modified. The transfer case. That’s the last part on my truck that is still stock.

I would absolutely love a 4:1 low range for the stock transfer case hint hint wink wink :)

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Thanks for the input. This give me a little better perspective of how popular my product offering is vs what people actually want .. ha.

I've come up with and helped being lots of new stuff to market over the years but the demand isn't exactly high and I'm getting tired.
I'll likely be pairing down and discontinuing things that are slow movers and focus on more main stream items.

I'm open to suggestions if you guys see a common problem out there that needs to be solved. I'm still open to building new stuff. it just needs to be worth the time.

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All but the engine mods, I think bc the primary mods are the bumpers and suspension (after tires) bc the 2nd gen X is still relatively new to become a crawler SAS build like older taco's and runners. Although it seems the titan swap and regear is becoming a more mainstream route now.

Maybe one day i'll be back for SAS/3-4 link parts and even deeper gears after college and an actual job :rockin:

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Voted all but don't think I'm going to need the transfer gears with 4.10 diff gearing.
Only mods left for my X is SAS and VK swap, but that's just not in it for the foreseeable future.

What I am interested in looking at is the VK56VD as a more powerful option over the DE engine. 400hp and 413lbf.ft without tuning sound sweet to me.
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