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I am considering what the long term effects of my AAL is going to be.
Before my shim angle was at -5 (drive shaft:10 / rear diff:5) after installing my shim the angle is -3 (drive shaft 10 / rear diff:7).

The little vibration I had is gone but now the back end seems to be more loose when traveling fast over big bumps.

I think mine was originally at -5 ( drive:8 / diff:3) but am not so sure. The old timers I have talked to have said keep your rear diff at -3 no matter what, but I do not want to stress the U-Joint with a pinion angle of -7 (10/3).

Also what is our drive shaft joint; standard or double cardan? (I know this is simple look and see but I have no auto experience and don't really know the difference)

What is the U-joint replacement of choice for the X? Is it greaseable?

Also has anyone measured the transmission angle?
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