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Ok just cause I'm bored at work, what is everyone's game plan as far as what they've done and what they want to do to their truck over the next year?

Sliders - Check
Full set of skids - Check
Hi-Lift Jack - Check
Yakima Roof Rack - Check
Lift - Should get for Xmas
BFG A/T KO's - Summer 07
Front bumper - Maybe by next Dec.
Winch - Maybe by next Dec.

That's my game plan for next year anyways.

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Slider: Check
Full Skids: Check
Front Bumper: Check
Rear Bumper: Check
Winch: Check
Lift: Will have TC UCA's, RadFlo Coilovers completed by Q1 07
Lift: Alcan Rear Leafs, completed by Q2 07
BFG MT's: Check (I do need a new spare)
Driving Lights: Check
Seat Covers: Check
Car Computer: Partly Working, should be completed by Q1 07
CB Install: Check
Cargo net / Pet devider: Q2 07
HD Radio: Q1 07
Front Fender Tubing: Q1 07
Custom Roof Rack: Q2 07
On Board Air: Have all the parts, will be installed before Q1 07

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Navigation/DVD Head Unit - Someday
Winch - March 07
255/85 16 Tires - January 07
Radflo Coilovers - Ordered
Sliders - Ordered
Front Bumper - Ordered
K & N Intake - Installed
Gibson Exhaust - Installed
Shackles (Upgraded to 10.9 Bolts) - Installed
AAL - Installed
Rancho 9000 Rear Shocks - Installed
Rear Dif Breather Extension - Installed
Spacers - Installed (But removing when I get coilovers)
Rear Dif Skid Plate - Installed
Extended Brake Lines - Installed
Total Chaos UCA - Installed

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Wow this is a good thread!!

NAV - Check
Shrock - Check (skid plates by summer 07)
K&N FIPK - Check
3 sets of aux lights - Check (installed by Feb 07)
Air horns - Check (installed by Feb 07)
PRG lift - Check
Alcan leaves - Check (installed by Feb 07)
Exide Orbital Battery - Check
On Boar Air - Check
Timberens - Check
Yak Rack - Check
New Speakers/Sub/Amps - Check (installed by Feb 07)
CB - Summer 07

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Yakima Load Warrior: Check
CB: Check
AC Shackle/Coil Lift: Check
New Shocks: Check
255/85/16 BFG MTs: Check
Shrock Sliders: Check
Tint: Check
Shrock Bumper: Check (not arrived yet)
HID Off-Road Lights: Check
High-Lift Jack: Check
High-Lift Jack Yakima Rack Mount: Check
All Undercarrage Skids:
MT Spare Tire:
Navigation System:

The list could go on.

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I'm kinda waiting to see what ya all do and then I am going to ride your backs and do some of these modifications.
I want new (lighter) tires,
Get my air done as soon as I find the parts I already bought.
That's about it. Maybe a sun glass holder?

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What are your truck plans

Alright you guys, I can't compete with all of you
But here goes;
It's an 05 Silver S mdl. 4wd with tow pakg. I purchased from a lady in Michigan when it was 6 months old.
( Ride was too rough for her and hubby. )
Work I have done so far;
raised front end with 2" spacers
installed Calmini AAL to rear
K&N air filter
Black powder coated alloy rims when I couldn't get American's Chamber in Black
Shrockworks Sliders
Shrockworks skid plates
Added Fumoto drain valve with hose to oil pan
Quick diasconnects on the rear sway bar
Shrockworks rear and Front bumpers are on order
Just received new Bilsteins and longer brake line for the rear
Installed the fog lights in the front with Nissan switch

I have my Warn winch left from an older truck that I plan on using with Synthetic line on the X

Anyone got experience with the synthetic line on winches ?

It's like a friggin' boat,,,,a giant hole in the dirt we just keep pouring money into.
Hey,,,,gotta' keep the economy moving !

Jim B

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Since it's totally stock, the list is easy:
sliders, armor, OBA, PML, and maybe a Lobo shelf,
When it happens is another story, the last two are relatively cheap, but with the way work is gotta watch the pennies.
Oh I have to inventory/upgrade recovery equipment: most of my stuff is 20+ years old: things have changed a bit since then.

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I just got engaged, so the things in this list that arn't finnished now probably won't happen in the near future...but it will happen eventually.

Skids: Done
Sliders: Done
Roof Rack: Feb 07 (I think i can sneek that one in)
255/85R16 Tires: ???
UCAs: ???
Coil Overs: ???
Alcan Springs: ???
High Lift Jack: ???
Schrock Bumpers Fronta and rear:???
Wench: ???
4 forward roof lights: ???
2 Backup roof lights: ???
2 Driving lights: ???
Fog Lights: ???
Head Unit: ???
GMRS radio: ???

If they ever come out I will add lockers to the list.

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This post inspired me to write up dates, costs, and a summary of all my purchases for my own knowledge...and I almost choked when I saw how much money I have spent in the past couple of months ordering parts for the X. Surprised my wife hasn't killed me yet, but luckily there isn't much left that I want........
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