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To anyone who is planning on attending WentWindrock but you have not joined the placeholder we have on facebook. A big announcement (that is strictly voluntary in every way) on the page - I want to share on our main page as well.
Hey Everyone!

We have been approached by the WENT Staff to be a bigger part of the event this year. The Virginia Xterra Club will be helping out the South East Xterra Club for the big dinner on Wednesday night. This is a big honor guys - this is the 2nd time we are attending WENT as an organization. Seems like we did something right last year!

Now we all know at this time we are a non-membership dues club. There are plans to roll out some supporting memberships in 2016, but as it stands right now we are a free club for the people. We will be taking donations to help out with the dinner. We are looking to raise $150 to help with the costs and looking for volunteers to help with serving and clean up.

If you would like to help out - please let me know. You can PM me to let me know if you would like to volunteer and if you would like to donate you can send funds via PayPal to [email protected].

Anything you can do or provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!
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