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Qatar 4Wheelers Club is a family- and community-oriented group of off-road enthusiasts who enjoy exploring the remotest parts of Qatar to enjoy the natural beauty of the country and meet like-minded friends.

Our Core Principles:
1. Priority of safety on the trail
2. Responsibility to protect the environment
3. Inclusiveness of all religions, cultures and genders (we use English as our common language)
4. Welcoming of all types of 4-wheel-drive vehicles
5. Friendly and sharing group culture
6. Enthusiasm for off-roading and our 4x4 vehicles

Our Goals:
1. To create safe, fun, and frequent adventures exploring areas of natural beauty and cultural significance
2. To create a welcoming community for all types of off-road-loving adventurers and their families and friends
3. To teach and learn from each other. Some of our members have decades of experience off-roading and with the mechanical nature of vehicles
4. To advance our off-roading skills and steadily advance our members through skill levels

Why Join:
1. We explore the best parts of Qatar and neighboring regions.
2. We tailor our trips to the skill levels of those attending. All levels from beginner to advanced are welcome.
3. We will help you improve your off-road driving skills.
4. We will help you learn the capabilities of your 4x4.
5. We have an extensive trail network that covers the entire country.
6. Drivers as well as passengers are welcome.

How to Join:
We host an open, introductory event at least once per month, usually on the morning of the first Friday. The event will always be listed on our Facebook page. For more information see:

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Looking forward to see some nice pics from these guys exploring the extreme landscape! :)
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