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Warning! Be careful when using and Paypal together

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The following 'issue' may only apply to those with a separate street and mailing address (e.g., a PO Box address).

I just ordered two front Eastern catalytic converters from and paid through Paypal.

I carefully chose the delivery address in to be the street address. Paypal wanted me to confirm that the delivery address was the mail address (PO Box number). I ignored that and then when Paypal webpage sent me back to the webpage, I had to once again select our street address as the delivery address.'s software automatically undid my delivery method choice and gave me the fastest, most expensive choice roughly $90 more expensive than what I had originally chosen. I did not see this until I confirmed the order.

I immediately tried to change the delivery method but that was not possible. Apparently it was too late to cancel the order even though I tried to do that within 2 minutes of placing the order.

I then quickly emailed [email protected], explained the problem and asked them to cancel the order so I could start over again. We'll see what happens.

Will be tempted to stop using Paypal over this. The extra layer of security that Paypal provides may no longer be necessary given all the other security now protecting this PC-workstation (firewall, ESET NOD32 security, IBM Security Trusteer Rapport, PIA VPN).
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I have had the same issue an a few different sites using paypal as I typically ship to my work but all billing is home address. There have been a few times I didn't catch the automatic paypal/site shipping flip flop.
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