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Want to get lifted need pointers...

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Hey everybody. I got my Shrockworks bumper and slider on my '05 OR now I want the lift before I get new tires. I was thinking of REAR LIFT SHACKLES, LONGER BRAKE LINES AND FRONT SPRINGS from AC. The OR has Bilstien shocks as you all know. Now the questions: Anyone know what Bilstien shocks come with the OR/are they the same that AC sells in its '05-'06 Xterra suspension packages? If I need to change the shocks what size would you all recommend (12"-14"-17")? Do I need to get the two degree shims, if so where do they go? What would be better shackles or add a leaf, or can you do both? I was wanting to go to 285/75 16 tires but I read some people have problems with that size on the stock rim should I get them? If so, I have no problem staying with the 265/75 16 size. Also, is there a body lift? Would it be worth it? Yes when I shoot out questions I use my big guns lol. As you can see I'm not going too high and staying within a tight budget. As I figure around $300 for the basic parts I listed if I can use my shocks. I appreciate any help I can get on this or if anyone has a better set up let me know. THANKS!!!

And GOD BLESS Steve Irwin and his family Terri, Bindi, and little Bob. He was a crazy & fun guy but we all are when we are doing what we love to do. Everywhere he went was OFFROAD. Remember to leave nature better than we found it. Take care Steve we love you and will miss you... "CRIKEY, CROCS RULE!"
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