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Want LED turn signals? help me figure this out then...

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OK, all we have to do to have LED bulbs work normally is replace our stock flasher (the thing that clicks when your turn signal is on) with one of these puppies, but which? and where is our stock flasher?

help a brother out!
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Here is a how to on modding the stock flasher for LEDs. It's for a scion so don't know how much will apply.
The section you could use is little after half way down the first page.
I've been meaning to look for the flasher to see if this could be done but
have been too lazy to do so.

Flasher MOD

Heres another on LED lights from the Frontier site. Don't know how much
this would help with your project. They mention something about a
GM-like set up needing SRCK/SACK Compliant lights. Anyways...

LED lights

I've been wanting LED lights but after blowing $20+ on bulbs that burned out and blew my fuse... all this right after i installed them and was testing
them out. I kind of lost interest.
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I saw a set of LED bulbs specifically made for turn signals at AutoZone the other day. Each bulb was to be replaced with a set of 4 LEDs mounted on a small circuit board. It is plug and play, so you don't have to figure anything out.
yeah if you search ebay they have them with as much as 48 leds on a bulb. I'm doing mine custom.
The equalizer goes in parallel with the bulb so that the monitoring cicuit still sees a high current flow. If you replace the bulbs with LEDs the current flow drops so low that the computer thinks that the bulb is blown and puts the system into "hyper flash" blinking them at like 200 times a minute vice the normal 30 times a minute.

I removed all the bulbs from my Z and replaced them with LEDs and that was a big mistake. The ones I bought from and blew or started blinking all by themselves after 10 hours or so of use. Total rip-off. The idiots manufacturing these things are overdriving them by a factor of 50% or more I figure to make them look brighter ... great but they burn out faster than a candle. I've had two festoon lights (ceiling), two tail lights (168s) and now a front parking light all go out on me.
LED's have had a lot pf attention in the mariner's world. At best they mix em. (Interior) Being that the LED emits it's light from one spot like a flashlight, it's hard to see an LED from all angles. Now in the trucking industry they are the sheeet because all angles are covered anyways and the longer life is really needed and Lower draw.

And electronic flasher is needed to make them work on a car. But I am out on the auto use. You'd need more bulbs to get the same coverage and intensity.

As always some are better than others, there seems to be a cheapo inferior version of everything now a days eh?

I see no reason to change em out just yet, unless like the interior LED mod where the gain is in a reduction of draw. But then the power management takes over for that anyways.... and a 20 LED 3D cell light can be had a K mart for $10 in camp dept.


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