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Wam Bumper Group Buy - April 17-24 2023

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Product Description: WAM winch bumper insert. This style bumper fits inside your factory front bumper, allowing the mounting of a winch. There is a style for both 05-08 and 09-15 style bumpers.

Price: Price discount will be as follows.
Purchase 3 - 10%
Purchase 5 - 15%
Purchase10 - 25%

Base price is $525.00 before tax and shipping costs. Final purchase price will vary depending on whatever add ons/finishes you chose.

Delivery Charges: delivery charges will vary depending on location and are calculated upon checkout. Local pickup is available.

Numbers Required: minimum order of three units to get first tier of discount.

Details: organized this on behalf of a few who expressed interest. I am not affiliated with the company, just trying to help fellow X owners get the best deal possible.

Company Contact Details: Heavy duty bumper for however you use your custom truck

Payment information:
If you call during business hours, you will not be charged till the end of the week and the purchases can be tallied up.

if you purchase online or not during their standard business hours, you will pay full price and be refunded the difference.

Payment will be handled by each individual purchasing a bumper. All that’s needed is to include the special code “NEW X” in the comment section on the order form.

Closing dates: discount will run for 7 days from April 17th-24th.

Delivery dates: to be determined by volume of purchases/points being delivered to. Will update this thread accordingly with updates if group buy goes through. All bumpers will be made and shipped upon completion so not waiting for everyone’s to be completed.
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Anyone know approximately what the weight of these are? Also it mentions something about a $50 crating charge for bumpers.
If you get up to 9 solid purchases and need a 10th I'll jump in..
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Order placed.. now I need to get a winch :D

OklaYeti - Russell C.
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Sounds like we may have the 10 for the 25% 🥳
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Anybody get an estimate on how long it'll take to build and ship one of these thingamobobs 🤔
Nope no invoice, just the PayPal receipt and some picture instructions.
I agree, be patient, let them do their thing.. not blow their communication up, lol. It's more cost effective for them to cut all orders at once and assemble them at one time.
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Anyone else waiting for that 25% off at harbor freight coupon to pop up again for a badlands 😏
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Guess who just picked up their fancy new winch mount from WAM? Woohoo!
Post a picture of that sweet child 😄
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Edit: couple pics added.
Guess who just picked up their fancy new winch mount from WAM? This thing is BEEFY! Woohoo!
View attachment 151107 View attachment 151108 View attachment 151109
That's a beefy setup and way overkill for a lightweight xterra.. I approve 💯
Has anyone else heard anything about their WAM? Crickets here.
I think it may take a bit more time than an Amazon order to cut and weld 12 custom winch mounts for a discontinued vehicle.. so I'm not too worried about the crickets 😄
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Not gonna lie - I kinda felt a little guilty posting up already. 😬🤷🏼‍♂️ Guessing mine being one the first fully paid orders combined with getting the base model with zero additions (and local) made it quicker to turn it around.

I’ll also add the limited time I was there - super cool, friendly people and they had a pretty fantastic shop set up. It looked very busy in there!

Again, very thankful for the opportunity to participate at such a solid discount. Time to get to work here soon!
Nah.. people that have no idea the effort it takes to cut metal of different thicknesses and weld into a fitting piece of hardware are delusional 🙄
The effort it took for just rear recovery points 😄
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Update: Received the tracking number in my email. Looks like, I’ll get it this Saturday.
Still waiting for the 25% discount/refund though.
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Just got confirmation my coated bumper is getting sent out tomorrow. $87 bucks shipped to residential address in Chicago. :cool:
Awesome!! Is that after the discount or with out it?
So have we only had two complete and delivered/picked up so far 🤔
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