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WabFab Slider Adapters for Hi-Lift Jacks

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Anybody ever used these?
Wondered how folks use their Hi-Lift on Xterras. Saw pictures on Shrock site lifting whole side of the truck w/ a Hi-Lift, but didn't know if this was safe or not. Any other jacking points? A Lift-Mate is good if you want to get a wheel off the ground to put rocks, logs, under for traction, but no good to change a tire. Wonder if Jim could fab something up to fit his sliders. It looks just like a saddle to fit the tubing size of the slider. If he doesn't have anything by the time I get my set, I'll just have to measure the tubing and get the WabFab model that fits.
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I'm not sure I want mine to stay that 'Put' . I have used a chunk of tire tread found along the road to cushion or a section of HD fire hose, It kinda sinks into same shape as you jack and due to the traction it gets, less apt to slide side to side. I'll stick with that free stuff for the money. MC
I have used my Shrock sliders many times to lift the truck with the hi-lift. You can lift the entire side if you put the jack in the center of the slider, but it'd heavy to lift, and although I am sure it would hold, I would be afraid of jack failure. If you move the hi-lift to the front of the slider it picks up just the front tire and if you move it to the back of the slider, it lifts just the rear tire.

Just don't climb under the truck with it on a hi-lift.
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