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I have a nissan Pathfinder 2007 LE
With r51 engine vq40de
I got it rebuilt 4 years back
And I am getting it rebuild again
I need some advice plz
The issue I was getting first time was
The coolent was being thrownout of reservoir due to air pressure building up. Coz of bad headgasket
I got Block faced. Got all parts replaced orignal ,Gasket, piston R ings , Water pump, radiator, spark plugs, Coils n all
Now after 4 years I endup with same issue again
Air buildingup, coolent being thrownout constantly coz air pressure that buildsup so repidly.
The funny part is the temperature scale would go up and in few seconds would drop
I changed fan clutch, radiator, water pump, thermostate wixhing it would go away. But naa
Anyhow it got worse and the water managed to enter engine oil
Now I have it all opened for. Rebuild
Plz tell me what I should be doing must and if I missed anything that caused this again
Tell me what I should be doing to get best results on. Engine rebuilt
Thanks in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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