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Took my off-road trailer on its maiden voyage to the Voyager Rock campground in the Sierra national Forest this past fall. Beautiful scenery out there. My wife and I brought our two small children so it was perfect to walk around the Lakeshore, explore and take a dip.

Unfortunately, I almost got into a bad situation with the trailer. I attempted to maneuver around a tree and had to cut the turn tighter than expected due to a large Rock in the trail, I would have made it with just the X but it was a no-go to towing the trailer. The tree became sandwiched in between the trailer and the Xterra and I could not get myself out. Had to unhook the trailer and shuffle it around the other side which was a "bypass". Drove just the Xterra up and over the Rock and backed up on the other side of the tree to hook the trailer back up. Luckily I was able to get going after a few tense moments of children crying and my wife and I stressing.

Towing the trailer will take some getting used to after wheeling just the Xterra for over a decade. I was thinking this would be more of a shakedown trip but with all the tight turns and trees honestly I wasn't prepared for it. It was my third time running this trail too so I felt I had good sense what it would take. Guess I was wrong!

I will say that the locknroll hitch that is on the trailer performed exceptional. With the vehicle off camber one way in the trailer off camber the other way it smooth as can be.

YouTube point of view of the trail I took during my first time out there in 2011 or so

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