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Hey everyone,

I know all of us have that "urge" to go wheeling from time to time but really don't want to make the long trip to PA or out to GWNF. Well, DYoungin09 found this great map that has all the legal trails we can hit when the urge comes around.

Legal Virgina OHV Trails

From the looks of things it is updated on a regular basis, so seems pretty legit. This coupled with the members map we have over on the website could lead to some interesting spur of the moment wheeling trips. Hey, could also help set up some Club Wheeling Events or something along those lines.

So check it out, let people know which trails you hit up!

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Wow, all 8 of them. This explains why I never did any off road when I lived in Virginia Beach.

I feel for you East Coast guys- the numerous places to wheel is one of my favorite things about living out here.
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