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UPS sux

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My lift has been lost by UPS so now I won't be able to get it put on before the new year. :eek:(

They said they left it on my porch a week ago and it wasn't there. Anyone elso having any problems with UPS this year?
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That sucks man! And I am one of the first to slam poor sevice, but if they left it on your porch and someone stole it then lets put the blame where it belongs...

Having worked in internet sales the last 8 years or so I've seen my share of disappearing packages and UPS always made it right. Good luck on getting your lift!
They log shows it was left after 6PM and my wife and I were both there all night from about 4:30 till we went to bed. No doorbell that night and no box the next morning when we went out to work in the flower beds. (no flower jokes please).

The driver doesn't remember the box but at least UPS is doing a trace on it but said they have no idea so far what happened as the driver doesn't remember the box or if he left something at my house a week ago. Until it can be proven otherwise, UPS has misplaced or misdelivered it as they were the last ones in control of it.
Now I can agree with the UPS problem. But I feel for those guys this time of the year...
Yeah I know what you mean. All of the delivery type jobs suck this time of the year. I'm not pissed as much as bummed since I'm gonna be off next week and I wanted to get it done before I had my eyes lasered. Sadly, they offered to overnight a new lift at their expense and refund our shipping but AC is out of the coils right now. Oh well.
Well, actually I was looking at the posts and seen you were expecting them and I drove by and got em before you did. This way we both get a set! 2 for the price of one! (UPS don't suck so bad now eh?) Just unfair I get mine 1st! Huh?

Not really but Just mentioning this so maybe we better stop posting our receiving plans here until after we get the stuff because it could happen, you never know who is looking..... and pretty easy to do. I have heard this same thing a few times here. So maybe, just possibly that can happen. Maybe we better watch? Just think if someone got our Shrockworks bumpers before we did? Hole e [email protected]&*!

So this is an enlightening-awareness post.

Dumbasses left a $1000 digital camera on my doorstep in plain view of the whole neighborhood, which explicitly was listed as 'Must be Signed For'. I considered using their insurance to get my money back, by saying it never arrived - but thought better of it.

Fedex seem to be a little more strict in my area about requiring signatures rather than leaving something unsigned for. Even tho Fedex actually have my signature on file with instructions to leave parcels in my side yard. I only live 2 or 3 miles from their depot tho - so picking stuff up from Fedex same evening that they tried to deliver it isn't to big a deal.
Well when I order stuff, I always have it delivered to my office but my wife ordered it for xmas and didn't think this would happen, not like everyone plans on stuff like this to happen but it is a good reminder to have someone home to pick stuff up or have it sent to where you work(if you can).
Don't get me started on UPS. I finally got my BP back down from an event last week :angry4:
That sucks. UPS and FedX are pretty good here, never leaving items in plane view.
Just a thought, I've heard that most UPS stores will accept delivery after the first attempt if the delivery address is changed to the stores address, Check with your local store for their rules.
I ALLWAYS have problems with UPS!
Well Dan,

If someone did steal it and knows that it goes on an Xterra we'll just have to keep our eyes out for a lifted one. I think that I'm the only one around town that's got one so if I see one I'll track him down and noodle whip them until they confess. ;)
I'm a dispatcher for big brown so I'll give my two cents. UPS drivers are forced to 'DR' (Driver Release) a lot of packages this time of year. If they don't deliver it today, it will be on their truck again tomorrow, and most of them want to get off the clock and home with their family just like everyone else. Just remember that if you put in a claim on a package you received you are not screwing the company, it comes directly out of the driver's check. If one person claims a package was stolen off their porch, the driver will be more reluctant to leave packages in your neighborhood. Also, your address gets entered into a permanent database and the driver gets a "DO NOT DR" message in their DIAD for all future deliveries - which can suck if you work 9-5 because they can RTS your package after 3 attempts. Oh, and don't feel too sorry for these drivers, they gross $1500+ a week in December.
Charging the driver just seems wrong almost illegal. I saw it on a news show a while back about how people steal a CC application out of your mailbox, steal the approved card out in 2 weeks and order what they want stealing all that too. They should go after the criminals not the drivers.

Funny this was mentioned as the next day the Fed X driver came knocking begging us to sign again for the package he dropped off 2 days ago that was showing up not delivered. Have no idea what that was about as he handed it to us. But he was pretty upset about it showing up not delivered.

Long post.. sorry!

Okay so here is my story. The company I distribute for just got their batch of demo units (biometric door locks) in a bit late because of customs hang up. 2 weeks ago, the company had my demo ready to ship express, which is guaranteed delivery by 10:30am the next day. This would have gotten me my demo by Tuesday which was fine because I had a meeting to show the lock on Thursday.
The company is located in Vancouver BC and had spoken with a UPS rep to get the correct customs code to ship it to the US. The package was picked up correctly on Monday so we thought all was good. He gets a call from the UPS dist center on Tues and told him there was a problem with the customs code and they couldn't ship it. This is after the UPS rep GAVE THEM THE CODE! Anyway, this was cleared up and it was now guaranteed to be here on Wed before 10:30 am on Wed. I go to pick it up from my business address which is located in a mail box inside a UPS store, and the package is not there!
I then notify the sender and they get on the horn with UPS in Canada who evidently does not have direct computer access to the US system. Come to find out, the box was put on the wrong truck and was temporarily lost but they said it would be delivered by the next day. Well, it wasn't and I didn't have it for the meeting so I had to cancel.... who knows how many potential $ I lost because of it.
Onto Friday..... I see the tracking notes at 8:30am and it says "tried to deliver at 7:55 but the business is closed" or some such thing. This is funny because it supposed to be delivered TO A UPS STORE! I then called up the UPS store and they guy was a total dick and said he couldn't do anything about it. He did say that he was there at 7:55 and saw no truck.... also said that he would have seen a note if they tried to deliver something.
I get on the phone with the sender and he starts raising hell with UPS. About 2 hours later, I get a call from the distribution center which is across town. The gal on the phone tells me that they found the package and her tone was such that it seemed like they were doing me a favor that they found the package that THEY had lost.... Gee thanks for making me lose money. She then tells me I can go pick it up at the dist center.... ummm WHAT? Here is the conversation as I remember it:
Me "I'm not interested in driving across town to pick something up that should have been delivered to me, why don't you put it on a truck"

Her: all of the trucks have left for the day

Me: put it on a truck for tomorrow

Her: was it express?

Me: (thinking to myself that this shouldn't matter at this point) umm, yes

Her: (BIG SIGH) well I guess I can bring it up there and go out of my when I leave for the day and put a note on it.

Me: are you kidding me? Put a note on it? You know what, I don't want this getting lost again so I will just pick it up.

End of conversation.

You would think it's over.... NOT. I go pick up the box and it looked like they used it as the puck in an NHL game. It was completely ripped open like someone had slashed it with a blade... foam packing falling out, etc.. I didn't have any energy left to make a stink because what's the use at this point. I take it home and the mount that the demo unit on was cracked but the lock still worked. I did get a bunch of styrofoam bits all of the freshly vacuumed car that I was selling too... LOL.

So... UPS and other shippers are in the business of shipping so you think they should be good at it, which they are 99% of the time. I understand that logistics can fail on occasion, but the problem I have is, through the whole ordeal there was never an apology or ANY empathy used.... ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS! The tone in their voices was that of "so what dude, shit happens". Completely unacceptable IMO!
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