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When you need the maximum amount of lighting performance possible, LED light bar will be a great solution! It produces huge amount of illumination in a sleek low profile design. Each item is completely water and dust proof so you don't have to worry about the elements affecting their performance. Lights are available in a variety of lengths and configurations specifically for your application needs.
Lumen® - Dual Row Long LED Light Bar is mount easily on any pre-drilled holes atop headache racks, bull bars, or grille guards.

Check out only few key features of this product:
- Total LED power ranges from 126 watts up to 324 watts
- Die-cast aluminum housings are light weight and corrosion-free
- Color temperature rating is 6500 Kelvin (on the cool, blue end of the visibility scale)
- 1 year warranty.

Checkout the price and other details for your model here: Off-Road Lights for Trucks & SUVs at

Would you like to get one for your truck?

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Hi everyone!
We would like to thank all forum members who follow our posts and participates in discussions!

Today we would like to announce an exclusive 10% discount coupon code on this product for all TheNewX forum members!

This discount coupon is available for all Lumen Off-road LED driving lights, quad and dual row LED light bars on our website.
It will be valid only for 10 business days starting from today!
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- Coupon code: FORUMSLUMN10
- Expiration date: January, 28. 2015

Apply the coupon code at the checkout, and get your 10% off!

Lumen is one of the best quality brands of automotive LED lighting in the USA.
The length of Lumen LED bars vary from 3.89" up to 50".

You can look up Lumen off-road LED lights on the following link:
Lumen® LED Bulbs, Off-Road Lights, LED Bars at

Here is a couple of cool LED off-road lights for you:

Lumen® - 51 Watt LED Round Off-Road Driving Light

Lumen® - Quad Row Short LED Light Bar (6.5", 9.25")

Lumen® - Dual Row Long LED Light Bar (36", 50")

If any questions appear post them in the comments below. We are always here to help!
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