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Intro Comments: My over all goal for the truck is an overlander/trail camping rig. An expo rig that can go the hard way because we can.

Make: Nissan
Year: 2007
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off Road
Color: Knight Armor


Antenna X Off-road antenna
MeltMod (11/14)
Viggs hood backout 5/15
3" firestik antenna
Dipped OR wheels, need to do a few more coats at some point
Gobi Ranger rack w/ ladder
Smittybuilt 2m Awning

30" combo LED light bar 10/15
Two 3"x LED cubes 10/15
12" spot LED bar on gobi-7/16
Two 2x6 LED flood cubes -7/16

Pioneer Radio App 2

P&P front tube bumper-10-15
P&P Eng Rock Sliders (Level II)- 4/15
Insain fab rear bumper-5/15
NXrocks rad skid - 10/15
Shrock Engine Skid- 4/16
Custom Plate Alumnium Gas tank Skid- 5/16
P&P Eng Transmission skid -5/16
P&P Eng T case skid -5/16
Shrok dif skid- to be installed
Rear shock skids- 5/16

OME Dakar Leafs -5/16, HD leaf -9/15 HD added
PRG adj shackles (top setting) -4/16
Rough Country Titan UCAs (old style) -4/16 **new ones on the way**
Radflow Ext travel Titan 2.5 600# 4/16
OEM Frontier OR rear shocks- 9/15
Energy suspension LCA red bump stops -4/16
U-bolt flip kit-5/16
Titan I/O tire rod ends-4/16-- had to replace inner ends 6/16

Plugs Replaced at 110k
Rad replaced at 121k 4/15 (had SMOD)
Volant CAI (Installed 10/14)
AEM Dryflow air filter- 3/16
XTP Intake Manifold Spacer- 5/15
DieHard Plat battery-9/15
AirFlow Snorkel-11/15

Had to have rear end replaced in 9/14 due to known spider gear/locker issue
Trans flushed to clean out SMOD ATF 4/12
Mrcole's custom Any time locker box-8/15
Tian M205 Front diff 3.36 -4/16
Spider Trax 1.25 wheel spacers -4/16

BF Goodrich TA KO2s 285/75/R16 (11/14)

Trail tools/equipment:
T-handle shovel large and small
20" branch pruning saw
recovery straps
15" biggass crescent wrench
harbor freight high volume 12v compressor (so far has not let me down)
Trail med kit
Engo12k w/ synthetic line-1/16

Camping gear:
Expo Trailer
3 20L Fuel cans
3 20L H2O cans
Nesting camping pot set
Campmate camp kitchen kit
Tepee RRT w/ annex room
Edgestar 43Qt fridge

Abbreviated wish list:
295/75/16 KO2s (33.5s)
4.10 gears
maybe m205 ARB locker
re-adress rear suspension-alcans, shocks and shims

Projects in the works:



11/16 Pepe and the Beast

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I'm 6'-2" as well. Let me know how you find the xtra leg room. I like your build plan. Why "Sith" edition? I'm so old I barely know what a Sith is.

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Thanks on the build plan, I grew up camping in Baja with a huge truck and camper in the middle of no where off the beech for 3-4 weeks at a time and I would really like to do something of that style again. I think a small off road trailer with a roof tent would fit the bill well for my wife and I.

Sith are the dark jedi in the Star Wars series (Dath Vader), my wife coined it one day when i was commenting about how the white X guys call theirs the storm trouper editions

My dad had the idea of taking off the seat and re-positioning the seat tracks one "clicks" worth forwards so you essentially moved the seat back one click from the furthest spot, problem is my wife is 5 foot nothing so might make it a little harder for her to drive

welcome, I wouldn't "lighted" the skids since the whole purpose is to protect
Yah... good point, how do you like your spacers, I think i might gets a pair in the mean time till i get the OME

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Only took a few hours to do but got the spacers in, gained 3/4 of an inch on each side.

I feel like the driving position is more comfortable now. Could just be me thinking it is...


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Got the volant in the other week. Really like the design of the box and intake, sounds really good too. I got the frontier scoop with the kit and put it in also, might make a custom set up for it to get direct airflow. Also had to move the horn, which was a minor pain luckily.


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Got the new tires put on today, I must say I'm rather impressed. They balanced with no issues, ride is smooth and quiet and I did not slip at all on the wet freeways tonight.

Hopefully ill be able to take them out soon before it snows and see how they preform aired down and off the pavement.


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Update on the tires: when doing full lock on turning left, I get some contact with the frame. Don't know if this is due to having spacers. Simple solution- don't go full lock left. Better solution lift and spacers, which will get done some time next year.

I'll post some pics tomrrow of it

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After finding this trip on expedition portal late last year I have been itching to try some of it out. Finally the starts aligned and was able to take the day off and the wife and I attempted to do a small section of the trip.


This is the section we were going to try, all the linking and reading suggested it was mostly gravel and dirt roads so we were feeling ambitious to do the whole section in one day.

Turned out to be wayyy to washed out over all (we have had a ton of rain, the Ohio river is at flood levels) We turned around a few times due to some really gnarly muddy rutted out section that were just too risky to try, ultimately we wound up bypassing much of it and just calling it a day and headed home.

We will defiantly be trying to do more of it this summer when its dryer and maybe get a few people to go along, all the water with the greenery make the scenery gorgeous.

a few things learned on this trip
1. might want to get a winch and or some maxtracks/treads
2. need to be more vigilant about scouting out potential sketchy sections
3. the X can take a lot more abuse than you think.

(pics may be a little out of focus)

Looking down the first big hill we encountered, the slate rock mud and water made it really slick.

At the top of the hill, a little ways further up the trial is where we did our first turn around.

The ledge (left in the shot) I unintentionally/stupidly drove down, amazingly nothing was broken, just had my D shackle scrape as the rear end came down, I checked all under the truck like 5 times in disbelief that nothing was broken.

The stream we had to drive up at one point, the bead was all rock so it was really cool to drive up.

Over all had a blast and looking forward to this summer and trying it again.

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An update:

Had to replace the rad and do a trans flush, over the past weekend. SMOD strikes again, hopefully I caught it early enough. Its shifting and running smoother than it was originally.

Some projects are pending permitting time- LED bar, blackout install, painting sliders.

Change of name for the truck, Stealth fits it more. Seems no one sees me on the road, I dont know how you can miss a big grey truck but I guess the grey is too stealthy of a color.

With the success of the short KAT exploration, we are planing to do a bigger trip some time soon along the same track we checked out in march.

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We did a camping and wheeling trip to wind rock with a local off road/jeep club this past weekend. Stayed on trail 16 the majority of the day where I got my moneys worth of my P&P sliders several times and then took trail 7, more like a goats path back out to the main trails.

Over all had a blast and learned a lot about trail driving.

Second second of trail 16, didn't get many action shots sadly.

Trail 7 was this and worse the whole way, needless to say trail rash... Did some major 3 wheeling at one point, though I was going to scrape my front licence plate off.

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